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Coming Soon on Staxus: Cute Rugby Pup Gets Spit-Roasted & Splattered By A Pair Of Oversized Hunks On Heat!

I’m gonna start this post off by saying what a joy it is to see Damian Boss and Jonny Kingdom on the Staxus site. I’ve seen these guys in action on DVD before and I have been impressed with their efforts. These are two real horny guys who know how to use the uncut cocks hanging between their legs.

They’re being teamed up with another brand new boy on for this sporty gay threesome video on the site, and that cute young twink is Christian Martin. He’s totally different to the two he’s taking on, but man he sure looks like he can keep up with them ;)

According to the description for this video the two dominant dudes are horny and attempting to get some action from their twinkier friend, but it doesn’t exactly look like young Christian is too perturbed by the notion as he greedily gobbles on both their hard and hooded cocks and releases his own throbbing member from his shorts.

I think it’s a little difficult to claim reluctance when your dick is literally bouncing and dribbling precum lol

It seems that both these top guys get some ass as they tag team their friend, taking turns to sink their dick into his hot little ass and thrusting into him while he sucks on the other. I do love a good spit roasting video and the photos for this one definitely look promising.

This isn’t the first sporty gay threesome we’ve had on the site, of course. There are more than 1,300 videos on there now so there’s a great mix of all kinds of action. But I think plenty of you will really be enjoying this one when you check it out later.

I’ll be right there with you, wanking along to the fun ;)

Three new guys in a sporty gay threesome scene (1)

Three new guys in a sporty gay threesome scene (2)

Three new guys in a sporty gay threesome scene (3)

Three new guys in a sporty gay threesome scene (4)