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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Coming Soon on Staxus: Rim, ride and open wide

What happens when you team up two gorgeous young performers for a kinky Staxus video involving some great twink ass play? You end up with a hot scene like the one about to arrive with Sven Laarson and Mike Cage. Yes, we have another really hot fisting and toy play scene arriving very soon, with two of the most popular boys right now. Sven Laarson...

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Featured Scene: Fit lads at play

I’m guessing there was a little confusion in naming the performers in one of the scenes I recently shared on the Staxus blog. I was checking out these two gorgeous European gay boys in a video and noticed that Adam Kubick is the same boy named as Robbie Masters in another scene. To be honest, I don’t care what his name is, he’s utterly gorgeous...

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Featured Scene: Chad plays with two boys in the workshop!!

Can you believe Friday is here already? I know people always say that the weeks start to go faster as you get older, but this is ridiculous! Still, I’ll bet I’m not the only Staxus fan looking forward to going out for a few drinks this weekend. If you’re heading out tonight, you might want to get yourself in the mood with some of this...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Bathed, shaved, fucked

I have to say that of all the things I would love to have Boris Orla do to me, shaving is probably not even on my top 50 list. There’s plenty I would love to get down to with this guy! Connor Levi is getting a more thorough experience with the hunk in this new Staxus video though, it seems, as the guys get down...

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Featured Scene: Receiver’s hole

First, I should tell you that my date last night went very well, very well indeed. In fact, we’re meeting up again later this evening. So that’s why I’m sharing some action with you guys a little earlier than usual. We have a new Staxus scene on the way which I’ll be giving you a sneaky peek at in a little while, but before I...

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Featured Scene: Making the bed creak

I have a date this evening. Well, I say it’s a date, it’s really just a hook up with a guy I met a couple of months ago who’s decided that he’s a little curious about things. I’m looking forward to it, the guy is seriously hot. So in preparation I’ve been checking out some of the best scenes on the Staxus site (in my...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Black thongs and bare shlongs

When I saw who was in this twink bareback video on the Staxus site I was a little surprised. Will Sims is back to share his dick and ass with another boy after a while out of the spotlight, and to be honest I thought he’d left the business. The last time we saw this tanned twink boy he was being fucked hard in a...

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Featured Scene: Working up an appetite

John Magiaty and Jose Manuel make a hot couple in this Staxus scene, truly “Working up an appetite” for that bareback gay fucking with some totally horny dick slurping between them. After seeing this video on the site this afternoon (thanks to a friend who pointed it out to me after he wanked out some cum to it) I wanted to get some of the...

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