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Staxus News: Behind the scenes – The Italian Job HD

I was pretty sure that the scenes shot in Italy this summer were going to have a lot of the fans shouting for more, and it seems to have happened. There’s been a lot of talk on the Staxus Forum about the scenes shot there, in the beautiful setting of an Italian Villa, with some of the hottest boys we have. So, to thank the members for all the feedback on that, the guys in the office put together a really great behind the scenes video.

As you might know, there’s never really any gallery to share some pics from when it comes to these extra videos, to I took some screen shots of the video to show you what it’s like. I’m sure you can imagine that there’s a lot of cock being enjoyed on set, and a lot of boners bouncing around, but we get to see Connor in his other roles as assistant, make up and so on too, and we get to see how they created those wonderful birds-eye views sweeping over the villa (I really didn’t know how they got those shots! lol)

Plenty of the members have been loving this video so far, and it is certainly an added extra that a lot of the fans of the site should be enjoying too. There are requests for more of these behind the scenes videos, and I think we might be enjoying a lot more of them in the future too. Log in and check it out if you haven’t already!

We join some of the hottest Staxus stars on set for this behind the scenes video (1)

We join some of the hottest Staxus stars on set for this behind the scenes video (2)