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New Scene on Staxus: The hottest ass around

I know that plenty of you have probably already seen the new video on the Staxus site, but I’m going to share some photos from it on here anyway, for all the guys who might be reading this and who are not yet members. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but there are a lot of people who come here to read this blog who have not yet signed up to the site. *shocked face* lol

I think this new gay bareback scene on the site with Kamyk Walker and Oscar Hart might have a few more guys joining this evening though ;)

It has to be said that we don’t know a whole lot about young Oscar Hart yet. We can expect an interview video or some more information on his bio page to arrive in the next few weeks though, I think. Rest assured that I’ll be sharing that with you when we get it too.

Usually I get a heads-up on the new guys arriving, but I haven’t seen anything mentioned about this young man yet, and the scene doesn’t have a description yet either. But you can rest assured that it’s a hot one. Oscar Hart knows how to fuck, and Kamyk Walker is definitely enjoying himself with that boy inside him!

Something else I have to mention about this gay bareback scene is that this Oscar can cum a nice load too. He’s not a squirter like some of the other boys, but when he lets it go all over Kamyk’s sexy face he pumps out a lot of juice!

Oscar Hart and Kamyk Walker fucking raw (1)

Oscar Hart and Kamyk Walker fucking raw (2)

Oscar Hart and Kamyk Walker fucking raw (3)

Oscar Hart and Kamyk Walker fucking raw (4)