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Featured Scene: Stunningly sexy

Some titles speak for themselves, and although “Stunningly sexy” can pretty much be used to describe all of the boys on the Staxus site, it’s a perfect title for this video with Julien and Johan. In actual fact, this video could have been called “huge gay cum facial!” too lol

I think we’re pretty good at teaming up the perfect boys for a fuck video, and we definitely hit the target with this one too. Both of these boys compliment each other, and although they didn’t know each other before coming to Staxus you kind of get the feeling watching them that they’ve been sharing their cocks with each other for a few years ;)

There’s so much cock sucking in this video, and I have to say that I could watch these boys sucking those dicks all night long. But when Johan slides his raw shaft into his friends hole and starts fucking the cum out of him you’ll be wishing you were there to join in too.

The hottest moment is seeing the huge gay cum facial Johan delivers to his friend at the end. There is so much jizz pumping out of his cock you almost wonder where he’s been storing it all, are his legs hollow or something? lol

Boys fucking to a hot gay facial (1)

Boys fucking to a hot gay facial (2)

Boys fucking to a hot gay facial (3)

Boys fucking to a hot gay facial (4)