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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Coming Soon to Staxus: A tight hungry ass

Hey guys, the weekend is almost over and I’m sure it’s been a great one for a lot of you. I’m just chilling out this evening and enjoying some of the older videos on the Staxus site, and I’m also waiting for this new one to arrive too. I’m actually in the same position as you for this update. It’s a hot new gay army...

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Featured Scene: A magnificent overhanging foreskin

We all have our little fetishes, don’t we? I think every guy out there has something he loves to see in porn, and plenty of us have more than just one thing too. For me, I have to say that long foreskin is a real turn on, as is a lot of cum, and plenty of dick sucking and bareback fucking. I think a lot...

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Featured Scene: Generously-sized ramrod

I have something a little different for you guys today with this Staxus scene. I was checking out some of the shoots I hadn’t watched yet when I stumbled across this one and remembered that it was on my list. The massively muscled top goes by the name of Tatoo Boy (quite appropriately I think you’ll agree) and he’s about to claim the ass of...

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Featured Scene: Newcomers to the game

I have my date from last night coming over very soon, and I’m horny as hell waiting for him. I think we might kick back and watch some Staxus videos, so I’ve been going through my awesome list of amazing scenes and I found this one. I thought you guys might want to see this one too. This video is pretty special, because it stars...

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Featured Scene: Smooth young body

I think I’m feeling greedy again today. I was just going through my long list of top videos on the Staxus site and I realized I hadn’t shared this one with you yet, and it’s one with three horny boys and plenty of inches of raw cock sliding into some tight little butt. Just what I need to jerk out a hangover lol Jeffrey Radden...

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Featured Scene: Cute young Tim

Okay, I’ll admit that I did overdo things a little last night. I perhaps should have stopped early on, but even though I was pretty drunk my date and I had a great night, and we didn’t stop fucking until about 5am lol I’m paying for it now of course. I’m a little hung over, but like always that’s just made me even hornier today....

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Featured Scene: Hot cocks and slim smooth bodies

My evening wanking session continues in preparation for my evening out tonight and I found another great Staxus video for all the fans of real cock hungry boys! This one is all about the desperate need and the incredible greed to take as much hard leaking dick as possible, and these three sexy young lads have a lot of throbbing inches to share with each...

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Featured Scene: Sweet moans of sexual energy

Hey guys, it’s Friday already and I know that some of you are going to be out on the town tonight. I have a hot date myself, so as usual I’m on the Staxus site and checking out some of the hardcore twink action to get me all hot and bothered for the lucky guy this evening. I found this video with Andre Shut and...

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Free Video of the Week: Horny Double Penetration!

I think it’s obvious that we totally love you guys. No other site does what we do, and I don’t think very many have the kind of following that Staxus has either. So to thank you, and get some of you non-members into the site to check out what else you can watch, we have another great totally free gay porn video for you to...

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