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Featured Scene: Waiting for the third guy

Hey guys! I hope your weekend is going as well as mine is. I’ve spent the morning in the garden and just had lunch out there with a really good friend of mine, and of course we got into discussions about work. That’s okay, I love my job and my friends love to find out what’s coming on the Staxus site in the future.

We got onto a discussion about gay emo boys and my friend suggested we get some more of them. I don’t know about that, but I thought I’d share one of the hot gay emo boy threeways we’ve filmed and show you some of that action!

Someone commented yesterday that we should let you know when the videos are arriving on the site, but just to clarify the posts titled with “Featured Scene” are already there for you wank one out to! ;)

This video is in the Gang Bang collection, and it stars three really sexy young gay emo boys sucking and fucking. Timothy Nixon and Joe Parkes start things off in the attic as they devour their hard dicks between them while they wait for their friend Nick Hansen to arrive. But when he does and sees what they’re up to his emo mood kicks in and he leaves in dramatic anger! lol

But, horny boys can’t resists a sight like that and he’s soon back to join the party!

I have to agree with my friend on this one. Seeing those gay emo boys sucking and fucking has me thinking that we could have some more of these sexy lads on the site. Maybe I’ll work on some ideas and let you know ;)

Check out the video on the site – the easiest way to find it is to run a search on the scene title.

Hot Gay Emo Threeway (1)

Hot Gay Emo Threeway (2)

Hot Gay Emo Threeway (3)

Hot Gay Emo Threeway (4)