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Featured Scene: Alex Stevens tops George Basten!!

So, it’s Friday, and I suspect that some of you might be heading out to party tonight. Of course, some of you might be staying in to enjoy each other too, and maybe you’re planning to make some Staxus action a part of your fun?

I’ll tell you what I’m doing, I’m staying in, locking the door, turning the phones off and enjoying an extremely long wanking session to some of the hottest hardcore we have. I have a new video to jerk my load out to tonight, and it’s a locker room orgy! But I’ll get to that a little bit later, so stick around if you want to see a sneak preview of some of those pice from the latest video.

In the meantime, I’m checking out some of the videos on my favorites list and choosing a couple for my wanking session later, and this bareback boy fuck video is most definitely going to be watched!

Alex Stevens is the lad visiting his handsome and curly haired friend George Basten at work when their cocks are soon out to be sucked and licked. Both these hung twink boys are delicious to see as they make out and stroke their big cocks together.

But there is something very special about this video that you might have picked up from the title. This is one of the very few times Alex Stevens has ever topped a boy on screen. If you’ve seen the videos this lad has been in before you know he’s a total cock slave bottom. He loves to get his ass stuffed with dick! But this time he’s the one showing off his topping moves as he slides his boner into George Basten and gives him a bareback boy fuck his hole wont forget!

Alex Stevens pulls out just in time to shoot his cum over his buddy’s cock and balls, then jerks and sucks George until he’s unloading too!

Okay, I’m already needing a good long wank. By the time I get to it tonight I’m gonna have a whole lot of spooge to pump out! lol

Remember to stay tuned to the blog for a post about the latest video on the site, or head over to the site to check it out if you’re a member!

Alex Stevens Bareback Fucks George Basten (1)

Alex Stevens Bareback Fucks George Basten (2)

Alex Stevens Bareback Fucks George Basten (3)

Alex Stevens Bareback Fucks George Basten (4)

Alex Stevens Bareback Fucks George Basten (5)