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Featured Scene: The soaking of a lifetime

This video from the Staxus Dirty Fuckers category isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but I had to share it because young Julien Heath makes this hardcore video one that I think everyone will really get off hard watching.

This is one for all the gay bukkake and piss fans, it’s one of the soggiest, stickiest, wettest gang suck videos I think we have ever shot!

Julien Heath has spent the day paintballing in the woods, but being the loser means that he has to perform the forfeit. He was the one to get hit the most during the day, and because of his lack of skills out in the field he has to complete the arduous tradition of sucking off all the other guys in the locker room!

I know what you’re thinking, that’s hardly a punishment is it? I mean, if I was there with them that day I would have spent the entire afternoon walking right up to the enemy to make sure I would be the one getting all that cock and cum at the end of it! lol

All the guys release their solid uncut shafts from their camouflage and feed Julien Heath, asking him to suck and swallow all of their boners and get them all off. But you know this is a gay bukkake video, and there’s a lot of cum that needs firing off from those weapons.

The four horny guys all unload their balls one after the other, each dude pumping out the cock cream for Julien to take all over his face. He sucks the last of the jizz from those leaking tools too before the final act of humiliation begins…

If you’re not into piss, you might want to turn off when he’s taking those dicks slapping him and spreading the cum allover his face, because following that intense gay bukkake is a group piss that washes it all away!

Gay Bukkake And Piss For Julien Heath (1)

Gay Bukkake And Piss For Julien Heath (2)

Gay Bukkake And Piss For Julien Heath (3)

Gay Bukkake And Piss For Julien Heath (4)

Gay Bukkake And Piss For Julien Heath (5)