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Featured Scene: Tight, defined body

I have another totally delicious scene for all the lovers of uncut cock threeway action on the Staxus site. This one is from the Staxus Uniforms category too, and I know how you boys really enjoy your military and cop videos – just like I do.

I think of all the kinky stuff we film the uniform videos are some of the horniest. You can imagine what it’s like dressing some of these boys up, and seeing them start out in their street clothes and then appearing on set in a uniform like this, you kind of have to check again that some cop hasn’t actually just walked in off the street to get off on the live sex show! Most of these boys are so convincing in their roles it’s pretty shocking! lol

So for this one we had a gorgeous young twink servicing two really eager muscle cops, being askd to suck their dicks and then take a pounding too. The uncut cock threeway starts off with the older dudes feeding him their tools, but then he gets his little butt stretched open with a truncheon before getting stuffed with raw cock.

If you’re into uniforms, twinks, muscles, domination and a whole lot of jizz by the end of the shoot, you really should check this one out on the site. Here’s a hint to help you find it – just run a search on “Tight, defined body” and you’ll find the video and gallery ;)

Bareback Twink And Two Gay Cops (1)

Bareback Twink And Two Gay Cops (2)

Bareback Twink And Two Gay Cops (3)

Bareback Twink And Two Gay Cops (4)

Bareback Twink And Two Gay Cops (5)