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Young lad gets totally abused!

Why is it that the police always seem to get such a hard press in Czech gay porn flicks? Are they really as corrupt and abusive as these films would have us believe? Well, of course, the answer’s pretty simple really – the idea of being fucked and abused by a couple of guys in uniform is hot, hot, hot!

Not that young Daniel Taylor would probably agree with such sentiment given the manner of hard-hitting interrogation that he had to endure to produce this particular scene; but we’re sure you’ll appreciate everything he went through to secure your personal pleasure. Including being handcuffed, askd to suck the officers’ cocks and then being ritually humiliated by having a handcuff and a belt tied around his schlong! And that’s just for starters, as the lad is then finger-fucked and spit-roasted like some worthless whore.

Fortunately, we can assure you that no twink was hurt (very much!) in the making of these scene, although Taylor does end up with a very sticky face by the end of proceedings courtesy of Moss and Brutti’s over-eager knob-ends. Chances are by that point, however, you’ll have long since bust a nut or two yourself in appreciation!


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