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Sometimes a performer comes along that we immediately know is going to be huge with the Staxus fans, and I mean MASSIVE. And that’s the feeling we had when we first met gorgeous young European twink Will Jones. So, without any hesitation at all we signed him up as a Staxus Exclusive. We didn’t want anyone else getting their hands on our find, and I think you’ll agree we made the right call when you see him in action. Remember, you won’t be seeing Will Jones on any other site now that we’ve got him all to ourselves.

So let me tell you a little bit about this handsome European twink and you can watch his first introduction in the video and see some pics too. And just so you know, his very first video and photo shoot has just arrived for the members on the site, getting fucked hard by mean muscular top Marty Love. You have to check that out!

Originally from the beautiful city of Ostrava, Will Jones intends to be a porn star. We think he’s already there, and although he doesn’t quite feel it yet, he will do soon. He loves the job and everything it involves, and although he’s been bisexual in the past, I think all the cock we’re about to give him might sway him in one particular direction! lol

Clearly, he loves cock, and when you’ve seen him being fed Marty Love’s hard uncut dick and then getting fucked too in his debut you’ll totally understand why he wants to be in the business.

Another thing we should tell you about this gorgeous European twink is that he’s pretty shy. When you see him talking in the video you’ll see that he’s modest and polite, sweet and oh-so-sexy too. The best part about this interview video is seeing him standing naked, talking about music and slowly playing with his cock. He’s so adorable!

Sporty and active, you can see from his tight lean body that he’s no slouch. He actually rides a “snakeboard” (yeah, I had to look that up too lol) so I guess he can be called a skater boy – something a lot of us really love!

Will Jones has a perfect smooth little ass, a hairless and tightly muscled body, long cock and a nice pair of balls too. Check out the pics below to see his hangers and you’ll be imagining them slapping against your chin as you gobble his meat too – or have I just admitted what I was daydreaming about for the last hour? lol

The last thing to tell you, which you’ll see from the introduction video, is that Will Jones cums hard. I don’t know what it is about our boys, but I’m starting to wonder if there’s something in the water around these parts that makes these boys cum a heavy load!

Enjoy the introduction to our new Staxus exclusive, and make sure you check out the video of our European twink getting his ass fucked wide open and then jerked off to a big spurting climax by Marty Love. And yes, we already have his next appearance in the bag too, and you guys are going to love it ;)

New Staxus Exclusive