No doubt some of you will recognize these big and juicy dicks hanging from a couple of our hottest young stars, but how many of you can name them in the comments?

They’re a couple of the delicious lads appearing in the new Hung Jury series, along with a few other very generously endowed young men.

As you can probably guess, the series is going to be all about the fun some lawyers have with their clients, and their friends.

But don’t be expecting the Law & Order type of drama, oh no, this is purely about the fun some professional young men can have when they leave their professional ethics behind, and their suits too.

It won’t be lost on anyone that these young men look a little too fresh-faced to actually be practicing law. If we’re honest, we know it takes several years of dedicated study before they could ever reach the level of practicing, but nevertheless these stars play the part like champs and to be fair we’re all far too distracted by their delicious big boners to even care much about that.

So, what do you think? Who do these impressive schlongs belong to, and how much are you looking forward to them being shared on video?