It’s become pretty clear over the last couple of weeks that the Behind The Scenes videos have become a little more popular than we all expected, and I know the guys in the office are thinking about making a lot more of these over the coming year as something of a bonus addition to the site. Was that a cheer I heard around the world just then? lol

I was looking through the planned scenes we’re going to be seeing over the next few weeks and I noted that the next BTS is actually for one of the collections we’ve already had on the site, and as it was one of the more popular themes of 2015 I have a feeling you guys are really going to enjoy this little look behind the scenes.

It’s the Skate Off series, with some of the most gorgeous young guys sharing their cocks and bareback butt holes with each other, looking adorable in that hot skater themed action.

I don’t want to give you spoilers, but just know that this BTS video is going to give you a lot of great never-before-seen on-set fun with those horny boys while they’re being filmed enjoying each other :)