It seems you guys like the poll we published on the blog yesterday, and we want to thank you for all your voting. It’s great to have such a good response from some of the more dedicated followers of the Staxus boys, and lets face it, we all love an opportunity to comment on the gorgeous young guys we have in the studio!

You should know that some of the lads like to check out the site and the blog too from time to time, so you never know who might be reading your votes and comments on the posts too… I know, that’s got you all just that little bit more horny hasn’t it? lol

So after presenting some of the newest faces in the Staxus studio yesterday, we couldn’t leave out some of the other hotties you’ve seen with us over the years. There are a few boys who have moved on since their work with us, but their action is as hot and horny as ever, and I know for a fact you have some favorites from “back in the day”. I guess a lot of you have selected some of those older videos in the archives for your favorites page too, right?

Boys like Johan Volny and Cameron Jackson are always popular, their handsome good looks and their delicious bods are appreciated by plenty of the fans of the site. They are definitely a little bit more experienced when it comes to performing, but old or new to Staxus, all our boys are horny for cock and put on a great show for their fans whenever they get the chance.

So, here’s your opportunity to share your favorite Staxus models from over the years! Do share your opinions, and let us know in the comments why you’ve chosen who you have too. For instance, is it Johan Volny’s tight butt that gets you off? Is the sight of Cameron Jackson’s throbbing uncut tool enough to have you licking your lips in anticipation?

I know I have a few favorite Staxus models in the back of my mind, but let us know who you think is the cream of the crop and most worthy of a jerk off! ;)

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