Usually you first see a model fucking another hot guy – and then giving an interview. This time it´s vice versa – and I have the honour to introduce you not only to one of the hottest gingers I have ever seen, but also to someone never seen before on!

Please welcome Martyn Fox, a 20 year old twink from Poland, lean, slim and well equipped when fully hard :) – and the one who was responsible for the most fascinating cumshot at the end of a blowjob I have seen for long! But first things first…

Martyn Fox Martyn Fox

At the beginning of the 13-minutes-interview he lies in the warm sheets of a hotel bed, shows us his naked chest and responds to Johan Volny´s questions. In the course of this interview he reveals that …

he actually is „straight gay“ – what really made me smile :) I think he just wanted to point out that he is 100% gay and not bisexual or heterosexual, but that was definitely the most funny part of the interview :)

he never had a boyfriend, but he had quite some „fun“ with other boys already

getting money for his porn work is a nice bonus, but not his central motivation for doing it.

Allow me to add two more things: Before marking the 2nd of June on your personal calendar (that´s the date when his first scene with Danny Franklin will go online on you should know that Martyn can give a blowjob which everyone of us would literally kill for! Very sensually and passionately he sucks the cum out of his scene partner and somehow I have the feeling he enjoyed sucking as much as his friend liked it to be sucked :) And you will enjoy it as well!

The second thing I wanted to add is that Martyn belongs to that sort of men with a blood-penis. That´s the term I use to describe cocks which are rather small when flaccid, but grow disproportionally high when being erect. It´s always a pleasure to watch the male genital get bigger and bigger and bigger – and watching Martyn is a pure delight!

Check him out tomorrow, watch his interview and his other, more carnal skills and prepare yourself for one of the most amazing blowjobs after a nice round of fucking on June, 2nd!

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