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A lot of you will be familiar with the awesome talents of Kevin Ateah below. The lad is a gorgeous specimen of youthful horniness, with a thick and meaty cock and the kind of ass that begs to be stuffed! The lad has appeared in a few scenes now and he’s always a very popular guy to watch. He’s really developed over the last few months and you can see that he’s been working out quite a lot. He’s always been gorgeous, but when you see him getting naked for this scene you can definitely tell that he’s becoming a little more defined and muscled.

But you won’t be at all familiar with the stunningly handsome face and gorgeously built body of John Parker appearing for the his first scene in this gay massage video!

This blue-eyed hottie is brand new to Staxus, and he has a whole lot to offer too. I think you’ll agree when you see him in the video above that the dude is going to get quite the impressive following when this video arrives on the Staxus site.

We’re giving you a little peek (because we love you so much!) and getting you all horny for more of him. It’s such a teasing video, and I have to admit that we feel just a little bit guilty. What happens when John Parker locks the door?!

You’ll have to wait and see what the boys get up to, but having seen this myself already I can tell you that you are definitely going to love it! Stay tuned for this gay massage video to arrive, and sign up to the newsletter on the right hand side to make sure you don’t miss a thing ;)