Video scene will be published Monday, July 02!

Take two STAXUS exclusives, put them in police attire, leave them together in a room with a cameraman – and what do you get? Why, one of the hottest duos you’re likely to have seen in a long time, that’s what. Both Dick Casey and Rudy Valentino are in splendid form as they engage in the kind of simmering coupling that’ll have you reaching for the Kleenex in no time. Casey, as usual, has a certain innocent charm in spite of all his rampant tendencies; whilst there’s absolutely nothing unworldly about Valentino’s mannerisms, as he quickly gobbles down on Casey’s ramrod to engage in a lengthy session of fellatio with his colleague. The ultimate highlight of the action, however, comes when Casey finally gets to plunge that horny knob of his deep into Valentino’s tight (but clearly all-too-willing!) ass – stupendous skin-on-skin action that’ll get you bubbling away at the point of no return pretty much from the moment it begins. Don’t unburden too soon, however. With Casey finishing off in Valentino’s butt and Valentino himself erupting big-time moments later, there’s plenty for you dirty twink lovers to savour as these two Czech beauties bang hard and long!