Contrary to what some might think, producing a porn fiick isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as might be imagined; and in many ways it’s perhaps good NOT to know what’s involved for the sake of maintaining the magic of the art. Not to mention the eroticism!

Nevertheless, we know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fans who love to catch a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of a film-shoot. With this in mind, we occasionally get John Smith and his team to capture some of the action that never actually makes it to the finished film.

If you’re one of those guys, then head toΒ www.staxus.comΒ right now, and click on the Extras tab to enjoy today’s fabulous behind-the-scenes footage from STAXUS‘s recent hit, TRIPLE WHAMMY – featuring handsome beauties such as Carl Chater, Beno Eker and (of course) our oversized dick-magnet, Joel Tamir.

And don’t forget Joel appears in a brand new scene with rookie fuck-buddy, Marcin Wawer, this coming Thursday.