Every Staxus movie has a topic:

Be it well equipped masseurs who seduce their greedy clients in “Massage Me“, be it handsome guys who travel the world in “Tour Guide“, be it playful footballers who prefer playing with cock in “Football Focus” or in Staxus’ latest movie “Offside Trap” or be it a gay dating show where guys fuck their potential partner before they even know his name in “Bareback Fuck Date“.

What would happen if two topics (and that must be said: two fans facourite’s topics) get mixed and combined in a bareback movie?

Well, this is your chance to find it out! “Bare Buff Builders“, the brand new masterpiece from director John Smith, shows sporty guys pumping iron and lifting weights as if they were in the gym – and at the same time it depicts the sweaty, hard work of well hung builders on a construction site. The result is a ball-busting and really creative porn movie with some of the hottest guys available.

Don’t miss the first scene of “Bare Buff Builders” next Sunday on Staxus.com – and check out the trailer for the movie here on the blog. I think you will agree with me that there are quite a few extraordinarily handsome lads in the movie who hopefully will please us more than just once with their meaty weapons between their legs! ;)

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