Trailers are always a nice and speedy way to get new informations about a new release.

While Abir Tevel, Max Grey and Orri Gaul will kick off the sporty fucking action tomorrow, there are a lot of other handsome boys who seek your attention – and they good for some surprises!

For example… did you expect Rudy Stone to come back for another round of hot bareback sex? And even better: Did you expect to see him riding another cock once more? The last thing we heard about him was that he wanted to concentrate on being a good top, so I guess there must have been a very special bond between Rudy and his flip-flop fucker Ron Negba!

In “Futsal Flings“, we will be able to see Ron two times as proud fucker of some tasty boyholes! We know him as greedy cockslut, so I am very curious to see him balls deep in another dude!

And, of course, “Futsal Flings” is a very special movie because adorable Jake Stark will have his first hardcore scene! In “Foreskin Fuckers” we saw him having fun with his dildo – now it’s time for the real thing! And man, does he want it!!

Check out the trailer and look forward to another great bareback movie by STAXUS:

[jwplayer player=”2″ mediaid=”30136″]