When I used to work in an office for an auction company we used to have couriers turning up pretty regularly, and I have to admit that I had a major crush on one of them. I wasn’t the only one, a couple of the girls in the office used to check at the windows when one of their vans arrived to see if it was him.

He was a gorgeous guy, tall and handsome with big broad shoulders and the most stunning ass. In the summer he’d arrive in the sexiest shorts imaginable, tight and well-fitting, showing off the shape of his long cock snaking three inches down his right thigh – always his right.

As you can imagine, he used to get a whole lot of attention from us and we’d fight to be the one to let him in and take his “package” lol

The new Willing Courier series might be a little different to what I’ve just described, but the pics for the first scene with gorgeous boys Bjorn Nykvist and Connor Rex definitely made me think back to those days and my fave courier.

Seeing these boys going at it and sharing their cocks in an amazing bareback fuck really makes me wonder what might have happened if I’d offered that guy the chance to share his big meat.

I’m sharing just one photo of the first scene for the new series coming next month, but I think that’s all we’re gonna need to see for you guys to be hard and horny for the rest of it. Stick around on the blog for more in the coming days!