I’m continuing my little look back at some of the horniest moments in some of the best STAXUS videos with one that I know a lot of you guys are very familiar with. If you’re on the site right now and you click “Videos” followed by “Most Popular”, this is the scene you’ll get first.

If you didn’t see the previous post in my faves, about the time Dick Casey took three big dicks and ended up smeared with loads of cum all over his jock body, you should check that one out too.

I understand why. When this video arrived on the site it got a whole lot of attention from the fans. Part of that was because of the three stars involved in the fun, and part of it was the wrestling theme (seriously, who can resist the sight of a gorgeous boy in a tight little singlet?) but most of it was the fact that we got an awesome train fucking session with Noah Matous riding the bareback cock of Ray Mannix, while he was taking the long and luscious cock of hung boy Benjamin Dunn.

And don’t even get me started on the use of oil with these boys! The sight of their naked smooth bodies and their big throbbing cocks all slippery and glistening with oil is one of the hottest things about this threesome, in my humble opinion.

Ray isn’t the only one to get the best of both worlds. Soon Noah is stealing his position in the middle, with Benjamin deep in his ass and his own thick and slippery dick sliding in and out Ray’s hole!

Train fucking is one of those things we all love to see, almost as much as we love to watch some double penetration with two dicks frotting in a boys hot little hole.

If you’ve never checked out that video before then I really recommend you go and take a look. I’m adding a couple of pics here to get more of you guys hard and ready for it, but click through and be prepared to spunk out a big mess when you see these boys unloading together.

If you have any ideas for moments of your fave videos that you’d love to see on the blog, leave a comment and let me know!

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