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14 Apr 2014

Featured Scene: Fabulously toned and generously equipped

Oh it’s Monday, but while this can be a bit of a shitty day for a lot of people, I’ve actually had a very nice one. I took the day off to enjoy myself, went for coffee with a friend, had a beer over lunch with someone I haven’t seen for years (hottie!) and enjoyed some wanking this afternoon over some of the hot videos...

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09 Jan 2014

Featured Scene: Lifeguard’s deflowering of horny twink

This is another of those occasions where I was certain that I had shared some photos from an excellent scene on the Staxus site, but can’t seem to find any evidence of it. But no matter, I’m sure you won’t mind another look at this awesome gay shower sex scene with Jeoshua Black and Zack Hood, even if I have shared it before and just...

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15 Jul 2013

Featured Scene: Soft new-boy gets hard raw cock!

I was almost certain that I’d posted some shots of this gay prison threesome on the Staxus blog before, but after a little searching it seems that I was wrong. Well, I’m fixing that right now and sharing some of the horny action for you guys to check out. I know it’s going to get a lot of appreciative eyes, not least because it stars...

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01 Jun 2013

Featured Scene: Soft new-boy gets hard raw cock

I’m using magic today to bring you the daily fix of hardcore gay porn from the Staxus site, and I’m currently in London hopefully enjoying the sunshine! I couldn’t let you go without your porn on a Saturday, so I scheduled these posts to appear for you guys a little later on. So what do I have for you today? We have a brand new...

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17 Jan 2013

Featured Scene: Laundry room fuck-fest

If you had the chance to be in a gay orgy (maybe you already have had the chance?) would you rather be taking plenty of cock from the other guys or being one of the tops? That’s something I’ve thought about quite a lot while enjoying some of the gay orgy videos on the Staxus site. I was watching this video on the site earlier...

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08 Jan 2013

Featured Scene: 4-man orgy in the police showers

I was sure I’d already shared this Staxus scene on the blog, but after a quick search it seems I was mistaken. Well, with an intense gay gang bang video like this one I had to rectify that problem right away and share some of the pics from this group fuck for all the guys here who might not have watched it yet. It’s a...

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18 Nov 2012

Staxus Behind the Scenes: Valentino’s Valentines!

Are you ready for some great free gay hardcore porn action on the Staxus blog? I know, we’re so good to you guys! lol Some of you might have noticed that we’ve started adding some very special videos to the blog over the last couple of months, and they’re proving to be very popular too. You’ve had some great clips added here to get you...

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11 Nov 2012

Featured Scene: A very probing investigation

So we had some horny gay firemen earlier today, and on my travels around the Staxus site I found another great video of some hardcore gay police officers too! Needless to say it’s going to end up on the blog for you guys to check out. So I’ll tell you a little about it and then give you some pics to appreciate. Of course, if...

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24 Oct 2012

Featured Scene: Inmate threesome

You guys know we love the gay military sex on the Staxus site. A lot of the members really get off on it too. I think it’s mostly about the idea of straight guys resorting to sucking and fucking each other and finding out that they really get off on cock. But the military is not the only place where this kind of thing goes...

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