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Tag: todd reid

Featured Scene: Bare-lovin’ beauties!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you’re having a good weekend so far, but even if you are I think I have something that’s going to make your Saturday evening even better. I don’t care if you’re planning to go out drinking tonight, you might be inclined to stay in and watch some scenes instead when you check out the pics I have to share with...

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Featured Scene: The tight pleasure of having your ass stretched

I was reading the description for this hung gay cock sharing scene on the Staxus site and as soon as I read the first paragraph of it I knew I had to comment on that first. It says “it’s hard to deny the physical attraction between Tonny Ross and Todd Reid as they arrive at their hotel room for an otherwise uneventful evening together.” Now,...

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Featured Scene: Sweet & innocent? Not for fuckin’ long, as Bigdog marks his raw scent! (Staxus » Abused)

A superb bit of casting teams young Todd Reid – whose sweet vulnerability always seems to ooze from the screen – with top-notch top-man, Luis Bigdog. Of course, the fact that the scene begins with Reid tied to a chair and confronted by a hangman’s noose only serves to underscore the youngster’s sensitivity; though Bigdog appears to show little (if any) reticence when it comes...

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