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Tag: staxus outdoors

Featured Scene: Tent fucking!!

The sun is out here today, and it’s got me thinking about the summer. I don’t know what the rest of you get up to in your summer months, but I tend to go to at least two festivals, and that means camping. I love it, although I don’t do the whole thing of cooking breakfast on a campfire – not that we can do...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Horny Outdoor Scene

Do my eyes deceive me, or is a previous muscle top becoming a muscle bottom? If I am not mistaken, the hunky Rick Nielson has, up until now, been exclusively a top guy, sharing his cock with the other boys of Staxus and fucking them hard. But in this gallery for the new video coming soon to the site the guy is getting a hot...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Blake and Lewis have themselves an outdoor workout anyone would love to get on a daily basis!

There are so many young twink performers that you could call “innocent looking”, but Lewis Taylor has to be one of the sweetest of them all. That’s what makes it so much hotter to see him being so dirty in a Staxus video! lol He’s back for this new scene coming to the site, and he’s appearing alongside the horny Blake Hanson too. I know...

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New Scene on Staxus: Horny Twinks Head For The Woods For A Raw, Uncompromising Suck & Fuck! HD

I was fully expecting to have to share some photos from a new scene on the Staxus site and tell you guys that you have to wait a little while for the video, but it seems that someone in the Staxus office was so eager to get this video on the site they just couldn’t wait to share it! I’m happy about that, because I’m...

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New Scene on Staxus: A hot outdoor threesome HD

I was quite sure that this scene would be a popular one with the Staxus members when I shared some photos of the action on the blog yesterday, and from the comments I’ve seen on the site for this one today it seems I was right (again! lol) But then, with boys like these enjoying their dicks in an outdoor gay threesome, is it any...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: A hot outdoor threesome

I have no doubt that most of you have plenty of the Staxus twink threesome videos in your favorites collection already, but this one is going to make it onto plenty of those lists too when you see it, I’m absolutely sure of that. I’ve been checking out the gallery for this new scene before the video arrives later, and I picked out some of...

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New Scene on Staxus: Alfresco sex HD

You saw some of the pics of this new video on the Staxus site last night, and now the video has arrived for all you horny guys to enjoy I had to give my opinion on it and remind you of one that you will definitely want to check out. This is undoubtedly one of those videos for the fans of muscle boys, with Rick...

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Coming Soon on Staxus: Alfresco sex

As promised, I have some great photos of a new scene arriving on the Staxus site very soon, and this one is definitely going to please a lot of you! There’s plenty going on in this scene to get those dicks throbbing all around the world, and once you’ve seen this gallery for yourself I think you’ll be looking forward to the arrival of the...

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