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Tag: Muscle Boy

Featured Scene: Hostage in a gym HD

There are plenty of reasons why you or I might go to the gym. A friend of mine goes to get buff and stay muscled, while another friend of mine goes just to stay fit and healthy. I know one guy training to compete in bodybuilding, and there’s another I talk to occasionally who says the main reason for him going is to get “away...

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Featured Scene: A prize-winning performance

So you’ve probably seen already that we have another brand new video on the Staxus site, and if you’re not a member of the site then you can stick around on the blog and check out some pics from it in a little while. I have a little something else for you all before we get to that though… We have a lot of themes...

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Photo Session: Dick Casey

I know for a fact that we have a hell of a lot of Dick Casey fans visiting the blog regularly, and this brand new photo session just added to the Staxus site featuring the hunk is certain to get you all hard and horny! Dick Casey is one of our biggest stars, and for good reason too. The dude is handsome, and he has...

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Photo Session: Rudy Valentino

We recently had a great model feature post for Staxus hunk Rudy Valentino, but I thought we needed some more of this gorgeous young man on the blog. We had a great session with a lot of the boys in Germany on our trip, and we had some truly sexy photo shoots to bring back with us along with all the hardcore video action. So...

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