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Tag: Julien Heath

Featured Scene: Riding meaty, raw cock

I was really quite surprised that I hadn’t added any photos from this gay massage video to the Staxus blog before, because it stars Julien Heath, and I know there are a lot of guys out there who absolutely love seeing this horny cock slut in action. First of all I have to mention that they don’t name the other guy giving him a rub...

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Featured Scene: A group of horny cowboys

Happy Saturday everyone! I guess some of you guys are dealing with a little bit of a hangover today, and I would be one of them. I met up with a good friend of mine last night to watch a band, and I drank far too much. But, there was plenty of eye-candy to appreciate (not least my straight friend lol) and I even got...

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Featured Scene: Cum up the arse

After the gossip post earlier today I was checking out some of the previous gay army sex scenes on the Staxus site and when I found this one I knew it would make a good addition to the blog, and probably get quite a few of you guys checking it out. It’s one of those gay army sex scenes with some real hot muscle boys...

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Featured Scene: Thick, meaty ramrods

I spent some time going through a lot of the scenes I have in my favourites list on the Staxus site this afternoon, and I got to talking with a friend of mine who is really into the site since I introduced him to it on one of his hookup visits. He’s been planning to get himself in the middle of a gay bukkake party...

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Featured Scene: The soaking of a lifetime

This video from the Staxus Dirty Fuckers category isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, but I had to share it because young Julien Heath makes this hardcore video one that I think everyone will really get off hard watching. This is one for all the gay bukkake and piss fans, it’s one of the soggiest, stickiest, wettest gang suck videos I think we have...

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Featured Scene: Sexually-charged sex-god

It’s time for another video feature, and I know how much you guys have been enjoying the threeway fun on the site. Sergey Vorobev, Jimmy Snyder and Julien Heath are the three gorgeous young men appearing in this fuck video in the Staxus Uniforms category. I wanted to share some of the pics with you guys and tell you about the action in this shoot...

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