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Tag: Julien Adagio

Featured Scene: Romantic evening HD

It’s not all rampant and hardcore fucking on the Staxus site, sometimes we get a scene with some sweetness to it, like this romantic one with William Holder and Julien Adagio. Don’t worry though, just because it’s a romantic gay porn scene doesn’t mean that it’s any less horny to watch and wank out some cum over! Both of the boys need to shoot some...

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Featured Scene: Gang of beauties HD

I suppose that for most of you reading this post the prospect of some outdoor gay sex is far from your mind, unless you want to catch pneumonia or get frostbite on your danglies. I don’t think we have the weather for this kind of horny activity just yet, but that doesn’t stop us from watching some of these great outdoor Staxus scenes and perhaps...

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Featured Scene: A superb outdoor spit-roast HD

Good evening my sexy gang of horny dudes! ;) I know, it’s Sunday, and a lot of you are probably thinking about the stress of going back to work tomorrow. But think of it this way, you get to treat yourself this evening and enjoy some of the delicious Staxus hardcore action! If you really need an excuse to enjoy some porn, then the fact...

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