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Tag: Jesse Shaw

Featured Scene: Czech mega-slut

I guess a lot of you have probably already noticed that we have a new video on the Staxus site this evening, and I suspect that many of you have already logged in to watch it too. But if you haven’t seen it yet, stick around and check out some of the photos from the shoot coming your way on here very shortly! Before I...

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Featured Scene: Everybody’s horny

I think the title of this scene is pretty accurate, especially for our members here on the Staxus site! I found this scene in the Staxus Raw collection this afternoon and after stroking out some juice to it I decided that I would be nice enough to share it with you rather than keep it to myself, you’re welcome! ;) So this scene is a...

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Featured Scene: New balls please!

Happy Saturday my delicious peeps! If you’re heading out for some partying tonight then I hope you have a great time, personally I’ll be kicking back with my Jack and Coke and enjoying some horny action on the Staxus site, and this of course means sharing some of that with you this evening ;) So I’m starting this off with a few photos from a...

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Featured Scene: 5-way poolboy gang-bang

I’ve been going through a lot of the scenes on the Staxus site that I’ve never had the chance to check out yet, and I have to apologize for never bringing this gay orgy video to you guys before now. I’ve seen the gallery for this hot scene several times but for some reason never watched the video, and now that I have I had...

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Featured Scene: A big cock in action

I’m quite sure that a lot of you have your favourite boys on the Staxus site and there are a few that you follow in everything they do. Well, while I have a lot of boys on my list already, I have to add Nick Deniels to that list too after seeing him take the big uncut cock of Jesse Shaw in this video. He...

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Featured Scene: Hot, hot, hot

I was pretty sure that I had featured this Staxus scene on the blog already, but after a little searching it seems that I had somehow missed it! So, I’m correcting that now, because I think you really deserve to see the immense muscle bottom Rolando Wyer getting inches of dribbling cock in his mouth and butt from Alex Granger and Jesse Shaw! Jesse and Rolando...

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Featured Scene: Cock Measurement

I’m going to start off the featured posts today with the theme of hung European cocks. Oh, unless you don’t want to check out some big ol’ dicks today and want something else instead? No? I didn’t think so ;) Although we’re probably not all about size, it does go without saying that we have a lot of massively hung boys appearing in many of...

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