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Featured Scene: Fucking in the toilets again!

Gay toilet sex is always hot, right? I don’t think I have ever had an encounter in a restroom with another horny guy and not really had a good time. There is something real intense about anonymous cock, and I think it has something to do with the hunger for it. I mean, if a guy is hard in a place like that you know he’s really horny and need of some attention, and I think that desperation makes mensroom action so great.

This video on the Staxus site is all about that impromptu action, with three really horny young guys who desperately need to feel their cock spurting some cum.

Neil Cross, Mark Proffitt and Teddy Green are the lads hauling out their junk in the rest room for this gay toilet sex video, servicing cock through a glory hole and sucking hard meat before they take things to the ultimate level and stuff some solid boy dick into some tight ass.

Our top boy seems to have a whole lot of cum to share with the lads as they each take turns with his cock through the partition. I’d love to be one of them servicing that lads meat too!

Three Boys Glory Hole Cock (1)

Three Boys Glory Hole Cock (2)

Three Boys Glory Hole Cock (3)

Three Boys Glory Hole Cock (4)

Latest scene on Staxus: Toilet Sex Duo

You know we like to bring you the latest action from the Staxus site and share some pics from a shoot on the blog, and I know that a lot of you are really going to enjoy this one, especially if you’re into cruising and hooking up with guys in public!

I’ve enjoyed some great shared wanking and sucking in some of these places with anonymous men, just hauling out our cocks and feeling their hardness, tasting each other. There’s something pretty intense about making a complete stranger shoot his load and having a guy you don’t know at all sucking the cum from your balls. But the boys in this gay toilet sex video go a lot further than just sucking and wanking!

I guess the gay toilet sex starts the same for a lot of us, you see a guy at the urinals and one look is all it takes to know if he’s showing it off for you. I’ve started many a session finding a guy wanking himself off and then getting hard, swapping our cocks before we head into a cubicle.

That’s the deal for Leo Fox when he finds Jamie West standing there and playing with his uncut boner. The boys share some wanking, then it’s time for a whole load of sucking before Jamie West takes his soccer buddy’s cock up his ass and gets fucked right there!

After watching this one, I might have to go out tonight and get some gay toilet sex action for myself, I’ll just have to make sure George Michael is not on my iPod – that would be screwing with fate a little too much. ;)

Soccer Boys Gay Toilet Sex (1)

Soccer Boys Gay Toilet Sex (2)

Soccer Boys Gay Toilet Sex (3)

Soccer Boys Gay Toilet Sex (4)

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