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Tag: gay jock boy

Coming Soon on Staxus: Bathtub fornication

I know that young Chase Anderson has been gaining a lot of fans on the Staxus site since he arrived, but I think this pairing with the utterly gorgeous gay jock boy Kris Wallace is only going to have that appreciation reaching fever pitch! I’ve just been looking through this new gallery before the video arrives, and from what I have seen I think this...

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Featured Scene: Horny teens

I guess the title of this one is pretty short and sweet, but right to the point! This is bout two horny teens who need some cock real bad, and they get in this video! I was looking through the site today to find a good scene to share with you all before I get on to the new one a little later, and I...

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Featured Scene: A raunchy yet romantic duo scene

Here comes the weekend! *does cheeky little chair dance* :) Hello all my lovely porn fans! Welcome to fabulous Friday here on the Staxus blog. It occurred to me late last night that I missed something yesterday. I didn’t wish you all a happy Valentines Day! I know, I need to be spanked. I apologize for missing that, and I hope you all had a...

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