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Tag: Damian Dickey

Featured Scene: Big dicked duo

I don’t know how I could have missed sharing this Staxus video before, because it stars one of our all-time favorite hunks, but I’m rectifying this now and giving you some hot photos from the gallery of this scene. I need to tell you that this isn’t all about the gay cum eating you can see in the photos, there’s actually a lot more going...

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Featured Scene: Caught in the act

I have something a little special for you later on this evening. You know we have a good collection of gay older/younger porn on the Staxus site, but we don’t often have them appearing on the blog. Well, we have a new scene with some daddy ass getting some cock inside it coming up, and you will want to see that if you love watching...

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New Scene on Staxus: Cute, Pert Twink Gets His Tight Hole Buggered Hard For Xmas! HD

I promised earlier that I would have a brand new Staxus scene for you guys to enjoy today, and I’m not gonna disappoint! I know a lot of you are already members of the site, so some of you have probably already stroked out a Christmas Eve cum load to this bottom boy getting his ass fucked. But if you haven’t seen it yet, check...

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Featured Scene: Ass-filling, cum-draining threesome

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had some action that started like this, with just some buddies hanging out and watching some porn. I have my own little wank bank of memories of getting some cock with a buddy when we’ve started jerking off over some video action, and seeing the three hot guys in this Staxus video directed by Vlado Iresch totally reminds me of...

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