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Featured Scenes: Most Popular Monster Cocks Videos

I have a feeling a lot of you were looking forward to seeing which of the videos in the Staxus Monster Cocks collection were in the top three. I know you could click through and discover this for yourself, but I also know that there are a lot of people reading this who are not yet members of the site – absolutely SHOCKING!

So lets take a little looksy, shall we?

3. Two Blond Angels Have One Devil Of A Time In A Spunk-Soaked Flip-Flop Fuckathon! HD

In third place we have the hung Aussie Jaxon Radoc sharing his inches and his sweet patootie with even more endowed Milan Sharp. 8 inches and 8.5 inches respectively. The mutual cock sucking could be enough to have many of your spunking out some ball juice, but you have to admit (if you’ve seen the video) that the bareback flip flop fucking is the real highlight of this scene. Oh, and lets not forget that both these boys cum a lot too, making it a wet and messy finish!

Hung twinks flip flop fucking

Hung twink boys Jaxon Radoc and Milan Sharp share some frottage fun


2. Horny Czech Twink Proves He’s Game For Some Interracial Bare Double-Cocked Fun! HD

Gay DP videos have been extremely popular over the last year, and with cute young bottoms like Milan Sharp taking every inch hung black dudes like Barrington Peart and Devon LeBron have to offer I am not at all surprised. This video sees the boy greedily taking every inch those hung guys have, sucking them both off, spitroasting, and stretching his pink little pucker around both those girthy long tools at the same time. It’s an impressive effort, and although a few of our boys have become experienced in being stretched to the limit in some big dicked porn like this he’s one of the best!

Milan gets double dicked

Milan Sharp takes two big black cocks in his pale little ass


1. Horny Shop Assistant Gets To Measure & Ride Felix Webster’s Mammoth Third Leg! HD

I had a feeling before I even checked that Felix Webster would end up in a video at the top of this collection. Although his cock size is not exactly huge at 7.5 inches, his balls are undoubtedly the biggest of all the boys. As a fan of large nut sacks, I have to say that seeing his nuts swinging a little as he sinks his cock into Zac Todd makes this video one to watch. And of course, Zac has some juicy inches of uncut cock to share too. I don’t know his dimensions, but he has a great dick!

Zac Todd gets fucked deep by Felix Webster

Felix Webster fucks the hot ass of Zac Todd


There you have it guys, the top three scenes in the Staxus Monster Cocks collection, and I think many of you would agree that these are excellent choices, made by the viewers too of course. Check out the blog a little later to see some brand new hardcore action, and I’ll be back tomorrow too to share the top three videos in the Staxus Britladz category too. I know some of you love those British twink boys as much as I do! ;)

Yearly Recap: 2013 At Staxus – A Year In Review Pt 2!

Surprise! You didn’t think that was all there was, did you? ;)

It’s hard to sum up an entire year in one post, so of course there had to be more. There was a lot of action and new boys that I didn’t mention in the first post, and things that I know you all loved from the last year, so it goes without saying that a part two was in order.

Yeah, I can be a real sneaky biach sometimes lol

So, what else was there over the last twelve months that had you all wanking furiously?

Lets start by mentioning the hung and horny new stars making an appearance in some of the best gay interracial videos I think we’ve ever had on the Staxus site. You’ll remember all of those scenes, I have no doubt. We were introduced to the generous delights of guys like Devon LeBron, banging away at twink boys puckers the way his dick was designed to do. Then we have Barrington Peart, a Dominican stud with a 8.5 inch ramrod ready to be slammed up a boy. Of course, we had British Drew Brody make some appearances with his 10″ uncut meat too…

A hot gay interracial video coming soon on the site with Drew Brody and Kurt Maddox (1)

Something else that had to be mentioned in a yearly review is the themes we’ve seen too. The Staxus guys listened to a lot of the requests and opinions on the forum, and delivered some great action. One of the most notable collections of scenes was the Boarding School videos in August, following the exploits of some very bad boys getting up to all kinds of horny mischief when their teachers weren’t looking. There were threesome fucks, bareback action in the medical room, some very impressive cum shots and a lot of top boys appearing too, including fresh faced Sven. It was easily one of the most popular themes we saw this year.

A great gay spit-roasting for Connor Levi from horny students Thomas Swings and Sven Laarson (1)

Something else we saw a lot of this year were the gym-themed scenes and locker room cock action. Way back in January and February we saw some amazing gay wrestler themed videos starting it all off, with buff hunks like Mary Love and Damien Dickey giving their cocks to some twink bottoms in videos with a sporty athletic feel, and that only continued throughout the year with so much soccer cock and locker room cum fun all the members were hooked on it.

John Parker fucks Mark Hitchman at Staxus (4)

Finally, I have to mention one of my personal highlights of the year, and that occurred at the Start of August when we were seeing videos shot in the gorgeous Italian countryside. It was an immense orgy of uncut cock and bareback fucking, with twinks and muscled boys sharing their cummy fun in a mess of naked bodies with a soundtrack of moaning and groaning that could have you unloading your balls without even seeing what was happening! Brad Fitt, Connor Levi, Damien Dickey, Rudy Bodlak, Tim Walker and Timmy Taylor all delivered in that scene, definitely one to remember!


So, there we have it, the second part of the year in review. Should there be a part three? Let me know if there’s a highlight or two from the last twelve months that you would like to share. I’d love to find out what you guys think was the most impressive scene of 2013, or the hottest new arrival to the Staxus crew.

Weekly Recap: Gay DP, Benjamin Dunn, a locker room threesome and an interracial DP video!

Hey guys, and welcome to the weekly recap of all the hottest posts picked out by me from the last seven days. There is a lot that’s deserving of being repeated here, so much so that I’ve really found it hard to limit it. I really want to share everything that’s appeared on the site in the last week, but if I did this would become a very long post indeed.

So, check out the absolute best bits I can choose, and make sure you click through to read a little more and see some pics for the posts that really grab you. There’s going to be a lot of clicking going on I think! lol

To start with, I have to present the gay DP threesome we had with a trio of soccer boys back on the 22nd. Jake Zhang made an appearance that really impressed me, sharing the hot hole of Cody Reed with the hard cock of Oscar Roberts too, and getting fucked in the butt himself to show he’s an all-rounder. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more from that hot young man!

An awesome twink double penetration scene from the boys at Staxus (1)

Gorgeous Benjamin Dunn returned again last week to fuck the cum out of sexy bottom twink Milan Sharp in a rampant fuck that really had me sweating hard – and cumming hard too! The stud has really showed that he’s here to stay, and he has some considerable talents when it comes to slamming a boys ass and getting him off. If you didn’t watch that scene last week, you should definitely click through to get a look at some of the pics now!

Gorgeous Benjamin Dunn fucks sexy twink bottom boy Milan Sharp in this new Staxus Raw scene (1)

A scene I brought out of the archives on the site really had a lot of you clicking through too (yes, I know when a post gets lots of attention!) This was a really horny locker room threesome with some totally hot cum explosions by the end, and one that all you gym sex fans will want to wank out some juice to. Check out the other pics in the post by clicking through to take a look.

Three guys cum loads splash out in the locker room after a great threesome fuck (4)

One of the most impressive highlights of last week had to be the vision of Rudy Bodlak sliding his thick and raw uncut cock up into the snug little butt of gorgeous twink Tim Walker in a gay outdoor fuck. We all love seeing that muscled hunk fucking some ass, and Tim was the perfect boy to get it too.

An amazing gay outdoor porn video with Rudy Bodlak and sexy bottom boy Tim Walker (4)

You know that the double penetration videos are always very popular, but Staxus really pushed it a little further with their gay interracial DP video on Friday, with Alexander Syden getting the big black dicks of Devon LeBron and Barrington Peart in his snug chute both at the same time. That twink really took every inch he could get, like the little twinky slut he is!

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (2)

See what I mean? That’s just a little taste of what’s been going on here on the Staxus site over the last few days, and there is a lot more besides this too. It was so hard to pick these out from all the other action, but I think you’ll have to agree that these scenes have been some of the best additions to the site over the last seven days.

Check out all the posts, and click through to find the videos to get you off. Enjoy yourselves on this Sunday night, and make sure you come back tomorrow for more action and the start of a brand new week of hardcore! ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Cute Blond Twink Gets A Double-Penetration Cocktail & A Face-Load Of Black Jizz!

The members are rightly singing their praise for young twinky bottom boy Alexander Syden in this gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site, with most seemingly amazed at this boys ability to handle to big black dicks and squeeze them both into his tight little pink ass. And I think it’s right that this boy be recognized for his talents too, because their really aren’t very many young guys in the business who could pull off such an impressive stunt!

Sure, we have a few boys who really are greedy bottoms and just can’t say no to a challenge like this, but Alexander has to be one of the most skilled when it comes to sitting on some big dicks and getting his ass stretched out.

Our new resident black tops are in business again of course, with Barrington Peart and Devon LeBron sharing that boys hole between them an really stuffing him with their inches. He takes it like a real champ, and we get some gorgeous views of that pale little hole being filled to capacity with those two dark erections.

If you can find this kind of gay interracial DP video elsewhere, then you are a better man than I. There’s no one else filming this kind of hardcore that I can see, and it’s no wonder the double penetration scenes on Staxus gets so much attention!

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (1)

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (2)

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (3)

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (4)

Weekly Recap: Twink gay DP, blue-collar boys, twink footballers and a big black dick!

I know you’re annoyed, I missed out the Weekly Recap post yesterday. Okay, maybe you’re not really annoyed, because there was actually a lot of other action worth posting – there always is! So I’m giving you the recap today and sharing some of the hottest action of last week with you, then there’s some more great new hardcore to feature on the blog too.

So, what was all the fuss about last weekend? To start with, we had a little bit of an issue with the site that caused some problems with access and streaming. The guys in the office were on it fast though, and within about 24 hours everything was back to normal – better than normal in fact, because things sped up quite a lot too. Members were given a little apologetic bonus for the inconvenience too, with five free days of access added to their accounts to make up for it.

There’s been a lot of horny hardcore to enjoy too over the last week, starting with something we all love to see… gay DP! Tim Walker was the boy to get that double-dick in this video, with Benjamin Dunn and Neo Matthews delivering their shafts to his tight little hole and stretching him out. If you somehow missed out on the arrival of that video, you have to log in now and watch it!

Kamyk Walker gets a great gay double penetration fuck from Benjamin Dunn and Neo Matthews for his birthday! (1)

Something else we saw last week was the beginning of a new twink blue-collar collection of scenes too, with Jonathan Tago playing the role of a decorator and Skylar Blu appearing as a plumber who really needed his pipes plunging! I have to confess I shot more than one load to that one, but I know I am certainly not alone!

Skyler Blu gets the hard uncut cock of young Johathan Tago deep in his ass (1)

You probably know that the twink football porn has long been a popular theme on the site, and we got some more of that horny action last week too, with hung twink boy Troy McCarthy catching Aaron Aurora wanking on his uncut dick in the toilets, and getting his ass in the changing room! The soccer boy porn is enough to have a lot of members wanking out their juice, and this one definitely did it for a lot of members.

Two gay soccer boys share their juicy cocks in this new video at Staxus (1)

Finally, before I get to sharing some more hardcore from the site with you all, I have to just remind you of the scene with gorgeous muscled boy Kris Wallace taking the long and hard cock of black top Barrington Peart. The guy is still learning the ropes I guess, but he’s learning fast and has really made and impact with the members – and I guess I could mean both these guys in this one. You should watch this video if you haven’t already.

A brand new gay interracial video with Kris Wallace and Barrington Peart (1)

There’s been a lot more too, and plenty that I would love to remind you of again. But I only have so much space here, so make sure you scroll back and click through to find some of the other top scenes shared on the blog last week, all of them are worth wanking out some cum over! And stay tuned for some brand new action this evening too, I have some very sexy photos to share with you that I know you’re going to love!

New Scene on Staxus: Kris Wallace Takes Every Thick Black Inch Of Barrington Peart’s Oversized Ramrod! HD

So you know that because we missed out on the new scenes on the blog yesterday we have a double posting of brand new hardcore for you this evening. We’ve already seen two gay twink boys enjoying some bareback fucking in the football changing rooms in the last post, but now we’re getting something a little different in this awesome gay interracial video with Kris Wallace and Barrington Peart!

Barrington has really gained quite the following on the Staxus site in the last few weeks, and it’s not so surprising when you see him using that big black cock of his on some tight white ass! The dude is definitely one of those tops that plenty of the guys want to be fucked on camera by, and Kris Wallace is the latest gorgeous lad to get every inch of that throbber in his hole.

It’s no secret that I love Kris Wallace, and I would gladly bend over and take it from him, or give him all of my dick in his hot ass! So whenever I get the chance to see him in action I’m right there and wanking along to the performance.

Barrington does a great job in this one, sharing a lot of delicious cock sucking before working that hole open and plunging his inches deep inside. I know there are a lot of twink boys on the site who can take a fucking from a big dick like that, but this pairing is definitely right up there with the best of them.

Remember to check out the other gay interracial videos on the site too, there are a few of them now and the fans have really been enjoying them! ;)

A brand new gay interracial video with Kris Wallace and Barrington Peart (1)

A brand new gay interracial video with Kris Wallace and Barrington Peart (2)

A brand new gay interracial video with Kris Wallace and Barrington Peart (3)

A brand new gay interracial video with Kris Wallace and Barrington Peart (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Interracial double-cocked fun

I guess you might have seen this gay interracial threesome coming when you saw all the videos with those sexy black dudes arriving on the Staxus site. I knew it was on the way, and I think a few of the members expected to see one of those horny bottom boys getting two big black dicks to play with. Well, here you go, a really intense threesome fuck with Milan Sharp getting the hard cocks of both Barrington Peart and Devon LeBron!

This isn’t just a gay interracial threesome video, oh no. You see, the guys at Staxus like to make the most of a good opportunity, and with a cock-hungry bottom like Milan in the middle of two guys like this, they had to go the whole hog and have him taking both those big dark dicks in his ass at the same time!

Yes, you heard me, not only does the greedy boy get to feast on two delicious dicks, and not only do we get to see these two lean and horny black guys sharing his mouth and ass between them, they double-team that ass in the horniest way and both squeeze their long cocks in there to rub them together in his raw hole ;)

I probably don’t need to convince you to go and check this one out. Just take a look at these photos and I think most of you will be clicking through to stroke out some cum to it!

Big black cocks and a tight twink hole in this gay double penetration scene on Staxus (1)

Big black cocks and a tight twink hole in this gay double penetration scene on Staxus (2)

Big black cocks and a tight twink hole in this gay double penetration scene on Staxus (3)

Big black cocks and a tight twink hole in this gay double penetration scene on Staxus (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Milan Sharp Gets His Ass Filled With Big Black Cock & Oodles Of Black Spunk!

Barrington Peart is back again with his big black cock in this new bareback ass slamming scene on the Staxus site, and if you enjoyed seeing him sliding those long inches into the pale little ass of Milan Sharp last time you will definitely want to check out this repeat performance with him claiming the snug little hole of Tim Walker!

There has been a lot of great comments and voting after the last time this guy claimed some hole, so it was obvious to some of us that they would have him back to drive that big black cock into another twink real soon, and I am definitely glad this video made it to the site.

Tim is a very accomplished bottom, that’s something most of you probably know already though, right? But even so, that is one seriously demanding dick the dude has. He knows how to use it too, easing the head between those smooth cheeks and penetrating that pucker to give young Tim the kind of fucking he deserves.

It takes a little while to get that length of dark meat into his pink hole, but eventually he’s taking all of it and riding that shaft like a real pro. And of course, you’ll want to see the cum shots for this one. Tim unloads his own impressive pink dick over Barrington’s abs, and then gets to drink that spunk straight from the meat hose as the black dude pumps it out ;)

Barrington Peart delivers another hot fuck with twink Tim Walker at Staxus (1)

Barrington Peart delivers another hot fuck with twink Tim Walker at Staxus (2)

Barrington Peart delivers another hot fuck with twink Tim Walker at Staxus (3)

Barrington Peart delivers another hot fuck with twink Tim Walker at Staxus (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Sharp takes on a big cock

Hey guys, I hope you’ve had a good weekend. There’s not much of it left now though, unfortunately, so you might want to make the most of it now and check out this latest video to arrive on the Staxus site. I know we have some fans of big black cocks on the site too, so the fact that we have new ripped and hunky black dude Barrington Peart appearing in this gay interracial porn video with Milan Sharp should have a lot of you boned up and ready to go! ;)

It might seem like a bit of a stereotypical thing to say, but I’m no kidding when I say that Barrington Peart does indeed have a big black cock for Milan to enjoy in this fuck video. It’s suck a delicious looking dick too, I think I would be determined to stroke and suck it to completion before making it cum again by sitting on it! Maybe I’m just greedy though lol

Milan definitely shows the hunky new guy a good time in this gay interracial porn scene though, totally working that lengthy dick and getting his own long pink cock sucked before his ass is up for fucking.

The best part about this video is probably seeing Barrington Peart fucking Milan while sucking his cock too. Can you imagine how good that must feel? Okay, I know some of you have probably experienced that too, lucky fuckers. lol

Milan Sharp gets the big black cock of new guy Barrington Peart (1)

Milan Sharp gets the big black cock of new guy Barrington Peart (2)

Milan Sharp gets the big black cock of new guy Barrington Peart (3)

Milan Sharp gets the big black cock of new guy Barrington Peart (4)

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