Alexander Syden

New Scene on Staxus: Dick-Lovin’ Twink Gets Plenty Of Thick Chav Cock To Stretch All His Holes!

So we have a new scene on the Staxus site for you, and I think this one is going to improve your Friday evening no end! Alexander Syden is returning to take a deep fuck from a horny chav boy with a rather impressive shaft of fuckmeat, and I know that there are a lot of guys out there who get off on the sight of eager Alexander being the slutty bottom he is. You’re gonna love seeing him riding the shaft of Jordan Downing in this one ;)

Jordan is enjoying a little nap when his horny friend finds him, and of course that twink can’t resist getting a feel of that dick and releasing it from the confines of Jordan’s pants.

That big intact dick is soon leaking precum as Alexander slobbers all over it, then slides his lips down on it and releases his own shaved boner for his friend to taste.

Some mutual sucking is usually all it takes to get boys ready to fuck, and these boys are no different. It’s no real surprise to see slutty bottom boy Alexander impaling his ass on that cock and riding it like a real pro, because he’s pretty well known for loving big dicks and having boys completely own his ass. Jordan does exactly that too, claiming that hole for his cock and slipping his engorged shaft in and out of that butt over and over until the cum loads are inevitable.

How would you end this fuck? Yes, with Syden getting the jizz fucked out of him and then taking a messy reward straight from his tops cock into his mouth ;)

I hope you have a great Friday night, and that you get some horny action too. Catch you tomorrow guys!

Slutty bottom boy Alexander Syden sits on the big uncut cock of Jordan Downing (4)

Slutty bottom boy Alexander Syden sits on the big uncut cock of Jordan Downing (3)

Slutty bottom boy Alexander Syden sits on the big uncut cock of Jordan Downing (2)

Slutty bottom boy Alexander Syden sits on the big uncut cock of Jordan Downing (1)

Weekly Recap: Gay DP, Benjamin Dunn, a locker room threesome and an interracial DP video!

Hey guys, and welcome to the weekly recap of all the hottest posts picked out by me from the last seven days. There is a lot that’s deserving of being repeated here, so much so that I’ve really found it hard to limit it. I really want to share everything that’s appeared on the site in the last week, but if I did this would become a very long post indeed.

So, check out the absolute best bits I can choose, and make sure you click through to read a little more and see some pics for the posts that really grab you. There’s going to be a lot of clicking going on I think! lol

To start with, I have to present the gay DP threesome we had with a trio of soccer boys back on the 22nd. Jake Zhang made an appearance that really impressed me, sharing the hot hole of Cody Reed with the hard cock of Oscar Roberts too, and getting fucked in the butt himself to show he’s an all-rounder. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more from that hot young man!

An awesome twink double penetration scene from the boys at Staxus (1)

Gorgeous Benjamin Dunn returned again last week to fuck the cum out of sexy bottom twink Milan Sharp in a rampant fuck that really had me sweating hard – and cumming hard too! The stud has really showed that he’s here to stay, and he has some considerable talents when it comes to slamming a boys ass and getting him off. If you didn’t watch that scene last week, you should definitely click through to get a look at some of the pics now!

Gorgeous Benjamin Dunn fucks sexy twink bottom boy Milan Sharp in this new Staxus Raw scene (1)

A scene I brought out of the archives on the site really had a lot of you clicking through too (yes, I know when a post gets lots of attention!) This was a really horny locker room threesome with some totally hot cum explosions by the end, and one that all you gym sex fans will want to wank out some juice to. Check out the other pics in the post by clicking through to take a look.

Three guys cum loads splash out in the locker room after a great threesome fuck (4)

One of the most impressive highlights of last week had to be the vision of Rudy Bodlak sliding his thick and raw uncut cock up into the snug little butt of gorgeous twink Tim Walker in a gay outdoor fuck. We all love seeing that muscled hunk fucking some ass, and Tim was the perfect boy to get it too.

An amazing gay outdoor porn video with Rudy Bodlak and sexy bottom boy Tim Walker (4)

You know that the double penetration videos are always very popular, but Staxus really pushed it a little further with their gay interracial DP video on Friday, with Alexander Syden getting the big black dicks of Devon LeBron and Barrington Peart in his snug chute both at the same time. That twink really took every inch he could get, like the little twinky slut he is!

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (2)

See what I mean? That’s just a little taste of what’s been going on here on the Staxus site over the last few days, and there is a lot more besides this too. It was so hard to pick these out from all the other action, but I think you’ll have to agree that these scenes have been some of the best additions to the site over the last seven days.

Check out all the posts, and click through to find the videos to get you off. Enjoy yourselves on this Sunday night, and make sure you come back tomorrow for more action and the start of a brand new week of hardcore! ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Cute Blond Twink Gets A Double-Penetration Cocktail & A Face-Load Of Black Jizz!

The members are rightly singing their praise for young twinky bottom boy Alexander Syden in this gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site, with most seemingly amazed at this boys ability to handle to big black dicks and squeeze them both into his tight little pink ass. And I think it’s right that this boy be recognized for his talents too, because their really aren’t very many young guys in the business who could pull off such an impressive stunt!

Sure, we have a few boys who really are greedy bottoms and just can’t say no to a challenge like this, but Alexander has to be one of the most skilled when it comes to sitting on some big dicks and getting his ass stretched out.

Our new resident black tops are in business again of course, with Barrington Peart and Devon LeBron sharing that boys hole between them an really stuffing him with their inches. He takes it like a real champ, and we get some gorgeous views of that pale little hole being filled to capacity with those two dark erections.

If you can find this kind of gay interracial DP video elsewhere, then you are a better man than I. There’s no one else filming this kind of hardcore that I can see, and it’s no wonder the double penetration scenes on Staxus gets so much attention!

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (1)

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (2)

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (3)

Twink Alexander Syden in a gay interracial DP video on the Staxus site (4)

Weekly Recap: Chav dick, hung black cock, gay wrestlers, prisoner cock and twink shower sex!

I know, you missed me and our little weekly recap post of the hottest action over the last week. I have to apologize for not giving you this usual update last night but I ended up held hostage in a pub with a friend of mine who would not let me leave until closing. I’m not kidding, I was captive! lol

But I’m making it up to you with a triple whammy of posting today, and I’m starting it off with the collection of highlights from the last seven days.

So, we start off with the new video to arrive on the site on Monday, with horny British boys Cody Reed and Shaun Mann sharing their chav cocks in a great scene of sucking and fucking that left Cody splashed with cum by the end. If you love those chav looking boys and their cock loving antics then this is one you should check out.

Two chavvy British gay boys suck and fuck for some cum loads (1)

You will have noticed that we’ve been seeing a lot more delicious black dick on the site in the last month or so, and plenty of the members have been jacking off over this porn and really enjoying it. We saw the return of Devon LeBron for this twink fucking scene, and Tim Law was the greedy bottom on hand to take every long inch of the new boys meat in his hole. It was a really great interracial fuck!

Tm Law gets every inch of black twink cock from massively hung Devon LeBron (1)

Something else that really captured my attention last week was the gay wrestling porn scene with Connor Levi getting fucked by gorgeous Orlando White. This is a little special because a lot of the members commented on a previous wrestling scene and mentioned that there should have been more singlet fun, and Staxus obviously listened. There’s more of that in this gay wrestling scene.

A new gay wrestling porn video with Connor Levi getting fucked by Orlando White (1)

Some more muscle was brought to proceedings for the next update, with the gorgeous Kris Wallace getting a thorough fucking from big-dicked Benjamin Dunn! Kris was playing the role of the captive prisoner who just couldn’t pass up the chance to suck on the hard uncut cock of his guard Ben, and it led to an awesome ass slamming for the guy too!

Benjamin Dunn is the gay cop giving his hard uncut cock to horny prisoner Kris Wallace (2)

Finally, I have to once again share the amazing twink shower sex scene with Alexander Syden and Ethan White. I know that the whole soccer boy porn theme has been real popular with the members, and this scene with the two twinky sports boys enjoying their cocks and some excellent anal in the showers is one that has had a lot of guys unloading with them already. Definitely check this one out!

Two skinny twink boys sharing their cocks in a bareback shower scene at Staxus (1)

There has been a lot more of course, and you should definitely check out the previous week of posting to see what we’ve had featured on the blog. And stay tuned for another week or hardcore, I’ll be sharing a lot more pics from the galleries to get you all hard and stroking and wanting more ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Raw-Loving Twinks Take A Shower, Then Suck & Fuck Like Dirty Whores!

  • So here we are, and as promised I have some of the pics from the brand new scene on the Staxus site, starring skinny twink boys Alexander Syden and Ethan White in a delicious shower bareback video!
  • There is a lot about this video that I know rings some bells and ticks some boxes for many fans and members out there. To start with I know there are a lot of guys who love those skinny twink boys and their hot butts and big dicks. Second, I know there is a big love of uncut cocks and bareback sex, and finally I know that so many of us have a thing for showers and locker rooms with sporty stars enjoying themselves.
  • We’ve had quite a few sporty scenes recently, and this is a good addition to the collection.
  • You might be asking which of these soccer playing twinks is going to get the cum fucked out of him in this video, and if you’re asking that then you might not be too familiar with the work of eager bottom boy Alexander! ;)
  • Of course it’s him taking it, after a whole lot of cock sucking and arse rimming too, and it’s a great display that you would expect from that boy, culminating in his cute face being splashed with cum!
  • Have a good Friday night guys!
  • Two skinny twink boys sharing their cocks in a bareback shower scene at Staxus (1)Two skinny twink boys sharing their cocks in a bareback shower scene at Staxus (2)Two skinny twink boys sharing their cocks in a bareback shower scene at Staxus (3)Two skinny twink boys sharing their cocks in a bareback shower scene at Staxus (4) 

New Scene on Staxus: Hot, Excited Twink Deep-Throats His Fuck Buddy, Then Takes A Giant Dildo Up His Ass!

The more attentive members out there will have noticed that there’s a new scene on the Staxus site, and although I guess there are a lot of people here who might not be members, plenty of you will be signing up and logging in later to wank out some cum to this video. It’s a hot one too, with toned twink boy Blake Hanson fucking the cum out his young friend Alexander Syden with his hung uncut twink cock!

There is a lot going on in this video that’s worthy of reporting, so you’ll have to be patient with me while I try to impress upon you how horny this video is.

To start with, I have to say how impressive Blake is looking. He’s only been with us for a while, but already you can see him becoming more and more defined with that hot bod developing some muscle. I can’t wait to see what he looks like in another six months if he carries on like this.

Then we have to mention twink Alexander too, perhaps one of the cutest bottom boys we’ve seen for a while. I don’t think it’s an understatement to suggest that he’s one of the more popular boys right now – not least because of that delicious uncut pink cock and that smooth and tight ass he has.

His sucking skills are really shown as he devours that hung uncut twink piece Blake has, totally sucking it all the way to the root! I don’t think there are many guys in the world who would be able to suck on that thing the way this boy does, although I know millions would want to give it a try.

I did say that there was more than you might expect from this one too… Alexander slides his ass down on that immense cock and takes it for a ride, but soon he’s taking a massive dildo in his hole instead as his friend eases him open a little more, before fucking him again and making him cum all over himself. And of course, how would you end a session with boy like Blake? Yes, by taking his cum splashing over your face! ;)

Alexander Syden fucked by hung uncut twink friend Blake Hanson in this new Staxus video (1)

Alexander Syden fucked by hung uncut twink friend Blake Hanson in this new Staxus video (2)

Alexander Syden fucked by hung uncut twink friend Blake Hanson in this new Staxus video (3)

Alexander Syden fucked by hung uncut twink friend Blake Hanson in this new Staxus video (4)

New Scene on Staxus: Young Blond Gets A Double-Dicked Raw Fuck From His Horny Stud Buddies!

Well it has been a busy few days on the Staxus site already. The guys wanted to give all the members some extra scenes over the Easter weekend, and we’ve had a lot of hardcore action to enjoy over the last few days.

We had the new interview video with Alexander Syden today, and that was shot right after this gay double penetration video with him getting plenty of fucking from Milan Sharp and Zac Todd. I had to get some of those pics for you to check out, because I know how much you all love to see two stiff dicks sliding into one tight little hole ;)

We have quite a few bottom twinks on the site who are just so greedy for cock they can take a lot of it in a video, but Alexander is one of the most submissive and eager of them all. He really gets off on being dominated, and his two friends in this scene do a great job of it.

He gets a great fucking from those horny tops as they feed him their long cocks and then double up to stuff him, it should be no surprise that there’s so much cum at the end of this scene as those boys both wank out their jizz and splash it over his cute face ;)

Apparently, Alexander wants to be fisted, and as we’ve had a lot of that hardcore action on the site in the last couple of months I think it’s a real possibility!

Watch the full gay double penetration video on the site, and check out his horny interview too for more info about him.

Alexander Syden gets double the cock from Zac Todd and Milan Sharp in this Staxus bareback DP video (1)

Alexander Syden gets double the cock from Zac Todd and Milan Sharp in this Staxus bareback DP video (2)

Alexander Syden gets double the cock from Zac Todd and Milan Sharp in this Staxus bareback DP video (3)

Alexander Syden gets double the cock from Zac Todd and Milan Sharp in this Staxus bareback DP video (4)

Staxus Model Interview: Alexander Syden

I know a lot of you guys really enjoy the interviews with some of the hottest Staxus stars on the site, and some of the members will have already logged in today to find out more about the sexy twink Alexander Syden in his interview. This is a shorter question and answer session than some of the others we’ve had, but when you see it you’ll understand why!

Alexander had literally just finished the hardcore gay double penetration video with Milan Sharp and Zac Todd when he was swooped upon. The cum was still dripping from his cute face and his cock was still oozing the last of his load when the cameraman began his questions. He didn’t even sit upright! lol

Could this be a new way of interviewing? Having the boys in some awkward poses with jizz splashed over them while we find out what gets them horny and what they would love to do on camera? Probably not, that would be a little too strange lol

So, I have this screen grab of the video for you, with Alexander Syden upside down and explaining that he would love to get fisted by a dominant top, with two cum loads dribbling down his face ;)

You can check out the new gay double penetration video with the two boys fucking him on the site now, or stick around on the blog for some shots of that action a little later!

Alexander Syden interview at

Weekly Recap: Shaved twinks, chav cock, gorgeous Tom Nowy and immense twink fisting!

Over the last week we’ve had some posts on the Staxus blog that really stood out for me. I love getting these weekly recap posts together because it gives me a chance to highlight some of the best bits that a few of our readers and guests might have missed.

I would love it if you would comment on the blog and tell me if you had any specific highlights from the last week too. Is there anything that you really loved and that had you hard and horny for more?

So, we kick this one off with the sporty shaved twink Kai Alexander and Alec Blonde fucking in the locker room. I know I’m not alone in my love of locker room sex, and I know that a lot of you love the shaved twink look too. So this one should have had a lot of you checking it out. Check out one of the pics of the action and click it to visit the full post too.

Locker room fucking for Lex Blonde and Kai Alexander (3)You might have noticed that we’ve had a lot of chav cock fun on the site in the last few weeks too, and this scene with Brad Fitt (fan favourite) and Sean Savoy definitely had a few of you clicking through to watch the video. Although the whole “chav” thing seems to be a mostly British description, I think boys like that exist all over Europe, so I guess you guys get the horniness of it too ;)

Sean Savoy gives his hard cock to twink lad Brad Fitt in this new Staxus video (3)I cannot write this recap post without mentioning one of the hottest finds for me of this last week. While I love all the cute twink boys on the site, I really love the handsome and straight-acting lads too. When I saw Tom Nowy playing the role of a horny doctor I had to see some more of him, and I found more than one scene with this gorgeous young stud in it. If you can find any other scenes starring him, please let me know about them! He’s so hot he makes my dick twitch just looking at him lol

Two gorgeous doctors get plenty of cock and ass in this gay fourgy on the Staxus site (2)And, finally, I have to talk about the immense twink fisting scene with new boy Tim Walker and bottom slut Alexander Syden. I think this one surprised everyone when it appeared, but we’ve had a lot of anal play scenes on the site in the last couple of months that have had a lot of the members hard and stroking out some loads, and I think this one made it to the top of all their lists when they watched that tight little hole being stretched open like that! Check out the full post by clicking on the pic, and make sure you get to see the video when you have the chance!

Alexander Syden gets a twink fisting from his top boy Tim Walker (5)So there we have it boys! It’s been an immense week, especially for me. Remember that there’s a lot more to come in the coming seven days too, and we’ll have some more great news for you soon too that will definitely have all the members and fans excited ;)

New Scene on Staxus: Horny Twink Fucks His Mate’s Ass Raw, Then Gets Fisted For Fun! HD

The new twink fisting scene is up on the Staxus site, and a few of the members have been commenting on how good it is. So if you haven’t seen it yet, I though you might be persuaded by seeing some of the responses to the video from other members…

To recap, the boys in this one are Alexander Syden and Tim Walker, and the boy getting all the anal attention is horny bottom boy Alexander. We knew when Tim Walker arrived that he was going to be a popular boy, but I don’t think anyone expected just how popular he is already. And we certainly didn’t expect top see him engaging in some intense twink fisting porn like this so early on either!

So, what are some of the other members saying about this video?

Vaclav Well done Tim. You’re fuckin’ gorgeous and you love what you do. Even so, this scene deserved a Tim more rough while topping Syden.. And of course a little more of the camera from behind when topping


robyrob1 Tm, youre insatiable and hot, hot, hot. Alexander is gorgeous and also very hot. i agree tim has great ass, would love to see more action with tim topping.


Ryan I don’t usually go for fisting but all of this was so hot. Both models are gorgeous and I love Tim.

If those opinions don’t have you checking out the video then I don’t know what will!

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