Okay guys, so I found out today just how good going to the gym on a Sunday can be. I don’t usually go on the weekends; I always just assumed that it would be busier. As it turns out Sunday might be the best time to go to my particular little local gym. There were only a few guys there this morning and the ratio of hotness was particularly high!

As is so often the case I was quickly distracted by one guy in paticular. In this case he was a handsome guy in his 20’s with a smooth and fit swimmers body and the sexiest shorts you could ever see. Man, that ass is still playing on my mind and I have a feeling it will be for a while to come.

Of course I almost embarassed myself completely by being caught checking him out in one of the mirrors. I must have looked SO attractive sweating buckets on the treadmill while cool and calmly lifted weights lol

Yeah, I’m getting old.

The worst part is that my “gaydar” is pretty bad. I admit that I’ve never been the best when it comes to working out who might be interested and who is totally and utterly straight. It’s even worse at the gym for some reason. Sometimes I can look at a guy and think he’s probably at least bisexual, but then I start to wonder if it’s just because they take such pride in their appearance and they really don’t care about showing off and getting some attentive and appreciative gazes.

So, I think I might have to go back again next Sunday and see what it’s like. There’s already quite a lot of eye-candy at my gym but if I can get that at the weekend while actually being able to use eveurything I need to then I think it might be time to shake up my schedule!

Oh, and incidentally, I chose a horny gym sex scene photo for this post, you can get in there and check out this video with Max Logan & Sascha Bryce by searching on “Horny Gym Boys Enjoy A Sweaty Session Of Cock-Sucking & Red Raw Fucking! HD” You’re weclome!