Welcome back to all of you who have been on vacation (I know that many people love to go on holiday before the official season starts to avoid unnecessary stress); and welcome back to part two of our ”Uniform Weeks“ here on your favourite gay porn blog, presenting a big 50% discount from Homoactive!

Last week we put the focus on hot military lads and righteous police officers (okay, more or less righteous ;) ) playing with their truncheons and fucking horny, but very bad bottom boys with it!

This week we want to look at other forms of uniforms – and there are surprisingly many!

Boys in school uniforms may be nothing extraordinary for our UK friends, but for mainland Europeans it’s an exceptionally hot view to see horny boys with big bulges in their innocent looking uniforms. To think what these ”innocent“ young pups have in their filthy minds… getting fucked by their teacher isn’t enough for some, believe me! Indeed, they need the attention and the cocks of as many other young pupils as possible! Check out Sam William’s school gangbang by following this link if you can already feel your cock aching in your shorts!

Another type of uniform are those worn by Boy Scouts… They pretend to be only interested in doing a good deed each day, but when they pitch their tents, you can fucking bet that they get their cocks out before you can even say „Yippee-Ya-Yay“!

Your time as a scout may be over, but you can still watch the boys spending time together in nature – and in each other’s crotches! You’ll find a nice selection of Boy Scout movies on Homoactive.com and Staxus.com as well.

Take your 50% discount as long as it’s valid, and leave a comment as to which type of uniform you like best!