Hey guys! I was chatting to Andy from Staxus earlier and it seems that there’s a little bit of a technical issue with the site at the moment. I’ve experienced it too, which is why I haven’t shared any pics with you from the members area this evening.

You know how it goes I guess, sometimes something pops up that’s unexpected and throws a big spanner in the works, but you can be sure that there is a rather impressive team of busy bees working on fixing this right at this moment, and it will hopefully soon be resolved.

You probably also know that Staxus takes things like this very seriously. There’s been a post by Andy on the forum where he states that all members will be getting 5 free days of access to the site to make up for it. Isn’t that nice of them?

It might not be great for members really experiencing major problems getting the site to work right now, but you will definitely appreciate those free days later. And it’s important to mention that they’ll be working on making some improvements that will increase the speed once things are back to normal too.

I think I can speak for everyone else at Staxus when I say thanks for supporting the site and understanding, these problems do sometimes happen, and everything is done to fix them when they do. Your patience is more than just appreciated, it’s adored!