Wow, I have a hell of a lot to share with you this evening on the Staxus blog, and I think you’re going to be kept very busy if you haven’t checked out all the latest action on the site yet. I’m starting today’s posting off with a model interview, which is something I don’t think we’ve seen on the site for a few months at least, then I’ll be moving on to share some pics from two brand new hardcore twink sex scenes on the site too…

So, the subject of the latest Staxus Model Interview video is the sexy Jaden Fox, a boy who made a return to the site this week after making his first appearance with Kamyk Walker in June (or at least that’s how it seems). And what a welcome return it was too, sharing a flip flop fucking scene with the gorgeous new boy Jaxon Radoc. I guess this interview was filmed back then but has only just made it onto the site, not that we;re complaining of course!

What do we find out in his interview video? Quite a lot actually. He’s joined by Kamyk Walker and he joins in the questions too, they talk about where they’re both from, what turns them on, why they got into porn and how – all kinds of things.

I love these interviews, and I’m hoping we’ll get more of them out there on the site in the coming months. Is there anyone you would like to see being interviewed? It doesn’t matter if they’ve been interviewed already, I’m sure we can come up with some more questions for you rave boys. Maybe we can get a list of boys to interview in the coming months?

Jaden Fox and Kamyk Walker in a Staxus Interview