You guys know I love to get some Staxus gossip on the site, and I know a lot of you guys are going to love hearing this when I tell you what’s coming and give you a little hint at some of the hardcore you can expect in the coming couple of months.

First of all, I heard from the office that there’s some new themes and stories coming your way in the next month or two that are really going to get your heart pounding and your dick throbbing. We all love some of the themes we see on the site, with the military boys and the school themed action perfect examples of what the guys can deliver. So knowing that there’s more on the way should have you interested!

Secondly, there’s a new big-dicked boy (no mention of names, but I think I know which big-dicked boy they mean!) is soon to appear giving his immense cock to another of the eager bottoms we’ve seen arrive over the last few months.

I don’t call myself a size queen, but even I have to admit that occasionally I really get off on the bigger dicked boys enjoying their hardcore fun with others ;)

Stick around, and be sure that I’ll bring you more news when it or if comes in.