Now, unfortunately I still cannot give you any names until the guys give me permission, but I have recently seen some photos of some pretty well known young gay porn stars in the business who are planning to make a move to Staxus in the coming months!

I know this is likely to really annoy some of you, not being able to know who these guys are, but trust me when I say that you will be impressed if you like young men with tight abs, toned bodies, handsome faces, big uncut cocks and tight little bubble butts! ;)

There are a couple of guys on the list that I’ve seen that I have been a fan of for a little while, and I was so glad to see that they might be arriving here this year. These are the kinds of young men you can really imagine fucking some twink ass like total professionals – and that’s what they are of course.

And, I have to mention briefly that there are plans for some great competitions coming up this summer too. If you’ve been following the blog then you might know about some of the ideas and plans we had for competitions for the members, and there are some great announcements coming in the next couple of months ;)