I’m guessing quite a few of you guys are back at work now, I know some of the Staxus guys are back in the office and preparing a lot of new action for 2013. But then again, if you were working in that kind of horny place where it’s all about gorgeous guys sucking and fucking you would probably be eager to get back to work too, right? lol

I know there are some pretty exciting jobs out there, but I can imagine that working on set for Staxus, or in the office, makes being a Sky Diving instructor look boring!

So you guys know that I have some secret info coming out of the office now and then, and my secret spy called me up to wish me a happy Christmas and also happened to mention that he was preparing for a meeting where they were going to discuss a lot of new themes and stories, locations to use and the guys to appear in them.

They’re apparently looking at some prison sex scenes, some twink orgy action, and perhaps a gang fucking session to rival the gay orgy video I added to the blog yesterday! I have to admit that of all the things they’re planning for this coming year that sounds like one of the hottest ;)

Rest assured I’ll be keeping you updated with whatever I find out!