I don’t know if you’re on the forum, but if not then you probably should be. There’s some great pics regularly added there featuring what’s coming up on the Staxus site, and I had to share a pic of this new pairing coming soon to the site with bareback bottom star Noah Matous taking the raw uncut cock of gorgeous twunk boy Carl Ross!

I have some more to tell you about this too…

I think we’ve all been waiting to see Noah getting fucked by Carl – one very horny bottom boy being satisfied by one horny and fit young bareback top – and I think we all could have predicted that it would be a great scene, right?

Well, it seems these boys both agree with that.

Noah couldn’t wait to get on that cock and experience the kind of pounding fucking Carl loves to give out, and Carl had heard great things about that boys snug little ass too. According to someone who was on set while this scene was being shot (who shall of course remain nameless) both these boys really struggled not to cum too early.

Our gorgeous bottom boy Noah was apparently ready to squirt his ball juice so soon after starting they had to take several breaks to prevent the climax from happening, and that only made Carl even more horny to make him spew his seed!

I haven’t seen the video yet, but from the pics and what I’ve heard about this pairing it’s going to be an insanely hot one!