This has been sitting in my brain for a few days now, ever since we saw the gorgeous Billy Rubens giving Jordan Jacobs a deep fucking in the locker room. I know that scene got a lot of attention from you guys, and many of you have probably read the comments under the video on the Staxus site and know what I’m about to tell you…

It seems that the clever guys at Staxus know a good thing when they have it, and in this case that good “think” is the handsome and horny Billy.

He’s recently been secured as an exclusive for the Staxus studio, and that means that there’s a hell of a lot of hardcore yet to come with this handsome young man. You might think that this is enough to please every single member of the site, but there’s more on top of that…

Michael announced to the fans of this scene that not only has the beautiful Billy signed up as an exclusive, he’s also agreed to do bareback work too!

Can it get better than this? Yes, it can. Apparently they’ve already filmed his first bareback scene for the site, and it’s in the process of being edited and perfected before being added to the site for you all to furiously wank over ;)

We don’t know who it is he’s going to be appearing with in that scene, but from what I’ve heard he’s going to be fucking the jizz out of one of the hottest young bareback boys we’ve ever seen on the site. There are a few names on that list, but I cannot wait to see who it is.

Billy Rubens at Staxus
Billy Rubens signs as an exclusive bareback top for Staxus