As you know, I’ve been getting some behind the scenes info from someone on the Staxus set recently, and although it is sanctioned there are a lot of things that might otherwise never make it to the fans, things that I think are pretty hot, funny or just interesting. I found out another little piece of gossip today involving one of our hunkiest porn stars and an unexpected ending that I thought was pretty hilarious!

If you’re a fan of the action we have on the site, you know that there are a few things that we’re pretty well known for. It goes without saying that a lot of our performers are gorgeous, but there are other things too. Most of the guys are uncut, and in a world where there are plenty of American guys swinging around their cut cocks in porn Staxus is a good place for foreskin fans. Then we have the bareback action that other sites don’t. Some have been going more bareback, but almost all of our action is and always has been.

But something else we have that a lot of others don’t have is some truly huge cum shots! Yeah, I don’t know if the guys are given a recommended diet or some tips on edging before a shoot, but so many of our guys deliver some of the messiest huge cum shots ever captured.

Rumour has it that one of the camera guys on set recently had a bit of a close encounter with one of the models when capturing the final throes of a scene. I don’t know who the performer is, but apparently the camera guy was right in there, underneath, filming the guys cock as he slid in and out of his buddies ass and when he pulled out to deliver his traditionally huge cum shot the camera guy didn’t move out of the way in time!

According to reports, the poor cameraman was doused in spunk, all over the camera, all over his jeans and t-shirt, and he was supposed to go on a date right after filming too.

I guess that’s one of the hazards of filming porn, especially when you have guys who can really splash out some huge cum shots and fire them across the room or make puddles of spunk when they drain their balls.

The scene was saved though, they managed to cut out the laughter  – the guys found it highly amusing. You might want to stay tuned and see if you can find the scene when it’s released. I’m told it’s one of the hottest, and although I don’t know who the guilty cum cannon of a performer was, I have a couple of ideas about who it might have been ;)

Do you have any guesses?