I thought we’d give the Staxus Feedback thing another little try on the blog. For those who might have missed it last time, this is where I look through some comments on the blog and the site and present them for all to enjoy, and perhaps comment a little on them too. Sometimes they’re informative, sometimes funny, sometimes just random things that caught my attention or appreciative opinions about a particular video. Whatever the reason, I decide with infinite wisdom that they deserve a mention ;)

So let’s take a look at some of the opinions appearing on some of the videos on the Staxus site.

“Zorro” commented on the recent addition of the flip flop fuck with new Russian performer Yuri Adamov and sexy Jason Mike that is seemed like it was related to the events in Crimea.

The truth is that this is was purely a coincidence. The fact that a highly relevant uniform is appearing in the video is more indicative of the lengths Staxus goes to to kit out their performers for the right scene, we know they have a lot of kit from some of the previous military themed scenes, so it makes sense that they would use these props and uniforms again. The film was actually shot about two months ago, before events in Crimea unfolded. Unless someone at Staxus is psychic (quite possible, considering how awesomely talented these people are!) it’s a genuine coincidence that this was released shortly after events there.

“Vaclav” indicated his growing love for new Staxus Exclusive Lucious York in the comments for the recent Cheeky Exchange Students threesome scene with Sven Laarson and Zac Todd.

I think a lot of other members agree with you Vaclav! He’s a very sexy young man, and a natural on camera too. You’re right that the scene was pretty natural and genuine when it comes to the chemistry between the boys.

“Steven” and “Jasper” also welcomed new young performer Yuri Adamov in the comments for his first scene alongside Kris Wallace. It seems that a lot of the fans were very happy to see this new young pouting star arrive for some hot action, and he’s certainly delivered so far. There’s a lot more to come from this boy too, of course, and there’s already some great action being finished up for release on the site starring this handsome boy.

“StuartB” pointed out something rather interesting in the comments for Billy Ruben’s first bareback video ever, noticing that bottom star Aaron Aurora has a little tattoo inside his left ear!

Now, I know I pay quite a bit of attention to the videos and the boys, but how the hell did you notice that Stuart!? I was a little distracted by the sight of Billy plunging his dick into the boy to see what was in his ear lol

I have to look into this, because I want to know what it is and what it means too. Perhaps Aaron can enlighten us?