So I thought it was time to share some of your opinions, and perhaps answer some of your questions a little more publicly too. You know that we have the Feedback page, and you always know you have someone at Staxus willing to listen when you have a problem (please note, although they are always lovely and very helpful, they can’t help you with random things like the guy next door you have a crush on, or the best way to cut Onions without crying. Google is your friend lol)

So, here we have some little things I’ve picked up on the site and blog over the last few days, and I thought I would share and offer my own thoughts. If you think this is a snooze fest, why not go and wank out some juice to one of the videos on the site instead?

Egon says: “Super duper hot! I just wish that Alejandro would have gotten a chance to fuck and dp Dick Casey with Devon, besides of that the scene is perfect”

This was in response to the gay interracial orgy we had recently with Dick Casey, Devon LeBron, Benjamin Dunn and Alejandro Marbena, and while I agree that seeing the jock boy being double fucked by those two hung dudes was amazing, there was a real risk that his delicate and inexperienced hole could have been damaged by such a performance. Seriously, he’s not been taking it in the ass for very long, so we need to break him in nice and easy ;)

Ewald expressed some frustration with buffering videos taking their time to load up and play. Stuart B (of Staxus) responded with some good advice that I thought should be shared here, so be warmed that I’m about to get all techie!

Viewing can be affected by the speed of your connection, others using your connection, and other actions your own system is taking at the time. Staxus always tries to deliver everything to members with seamless skill, but occasionally there are things that are just out of their control. If there’s something they can do to fix an issue (and we know there sometimes are issues) they will not waste a moment in fixing things for the members. If you have problems, try to make sure there’s nothing on your side eating up your resources first of all, reset your router, reboot your computer and try again. If it’s genuinely something on Staxus’ side of things, they will probably know already and be working on it, but please report it.

gaypornreviewer recently commented that a scene I shared on the blog with a title suggesting cut cock was involved was actually incorrect. I thought this was the case as I was writing it, but sometimes when the action is moving so quickly and I’m distracted by the guys appearing I can miss these little things and forget to mention them. Indeed, all three guys in the scene titled “Stiff, cut cock” are uncircumcised, my bad!

There you go guys, some highlights from opinions and comments on the blog that I thought would be good to share with you all. Stick around for a new post about the brand new twink interracial fuck video we have on the site, it’s one I know you’re all going to want to watch if you haven’t already.