It’s time to show the non-members just a little of what they’re missing on the Staxus site. I know it seems strange to us members, but there are still guys who click through to check out the blog regularly but aren’t members! How does this happen? We don’t know, but I think this post will probably have several of them giving in and signing up to participate ;)

This is of course a little taste of the feedback the fans left on the gay interracial video with gorgeous boys Alejandro Marbena and Chris Hollander, a scene that I knew was going to get a lot of love from the fans.

Everyone seems to love that big dark dick, and when it’s sliding into a gorgeous boy like Chris it’s certain to have dicks shooting off all around the world. That’s exactly what happened too, with plenty of the fans voting up this scene, adding it to their faves lists for more future fun, and commenting on the action they enjoyed too.

So, first of all I want you guys to enjoy another one of the photos from this video, and then I want some of the non-members to see what the guys have been saying about this gay interracial video on the site too. If you have an opinion, please share in the comments here or log in and add your thoughts to the video.

Your opinions really do help to create future scenes!