So yesterday we saw some pics from a new/classic scene on the Staxus site, one that’s been tried and tested and proven to be one of the most popular videos gorgeous performer Alex Stevens ever appeared in, and now that the remastered video is up on the site it’s getting a lot of attention from the members.

And so it should, Alex was always one of the most popular guys from the Vlado Iresch era, the boy was stunning back then (and we assume he’s even more stunning now, of course).

We might not know what he’s up to currently, but we can certainly enjoy looking back on this twink threesome with Dominic Trojan and George Bellagio and truly appreciate it in crisp high-definition.

It has to be said that I am more than a little bit of a fan. Alex was one of the most attractive and downright horny stars of the time, always looking for more action and never shying away from anything. If there was an uncut cock needing a mouth he was on it, a cum shot ready to fly he was there to get it, a dick needing a butt to slide up into he was bending over… it’s no wonder he’s still pulling new members in and pleasing the fans even now, eight years after this scene was shot.

Check out some of the pics below and you’ll see what I mean, this boy was stunning, and he really knew how to please his buddies too!

Wherever you are Alex, I hope you know you’re still encouraging cum loads from hard dicks all around the world :)