Things have been pretty busy lately, getting ready for the holidays and all. I’ve been preparing to get plenty of things done in advance to give me a few days off over the holidays and the guys at STAXUS have been helping me by delivering some early action with some of the hottest young stars – teasing little nuggets of goodness like this pic, for example.

I don’t think this deserves much explanation, but I’m wondering whether the boys have a Christmas party at STAXUS, and whether they have it on set.

That would be too tempting an idea for any of us to ignore, wouldn’t it? Imagine that, inviting all the biggest and best boys over for a holiday themed party, before you know it things get a little out of hand, clothes come off, cocks are soon out and throbbing as the boys all give each other a very special gift :)

There’s a joke about a White Christmas in there somewhere lol

Having seen what’s coming to the site throughout the month of December I can tell you that you’re going to be very entertained. I would suggest that you stock up on lube if you’re running a little low, there’s going to be a lot of great sex between some of the most delicious young men and you’re gonna need all the lubrication you can get.

Have a great Monday guys, see you back here tomorrow for more.